What is Data Science – R?

R is a powerful open-source language that is used extensively for data science and statistical analysis. With powerful data-wrangling capabilities, the advent of R has effectively shortened the data science processes of cleaning up complex and unorganized data sets. R is equipped with an extensive library of tools for data manipulation and wrangling, data analysis, and visualization.

Why XDuce for Data Science - R?

XDuce has been delivering impeccable expertise in R development services. Our core focus is to ensure that data analysis and projection is made easier, more extensible, and comprehensive. We deliver top-of-the-line data science projects by introducing automation and machine learning capabilities for easier predictions. Our learning frameworks enable us to allow us to deliver Computer Vision, NLP, and AI in a minimal turnaround time.

Strategic services by XDuce

High Availability

Installation/ Upgrade/ Migration Services

Disaster Recovery Services

Database Architecture and Design

Database Review Services

Our Success Mantra

XDuce provides world-class solutions in enterprise development that covers the entire gamut of innovative data analytics, Machine Learning, and other managed services. We employ an exploratory approach to discover relationships between variables in contrast with statistical modelling on assumed relationships.

  • XDuce data scientists offer path-breaking data science solutions that help you visualize data analytics with the following strategic competitive advantages:
    Enable businesses to identify all of the patterns in data – both structured and unstructured
  • Empower organizations to derive actionable insights for enhanced business outcomes
  • End-end support throughout your data journey with continual innovation of in-house competency
  • Maintain industry-standard security and anonymity of your data
  • Successful implementation of Machine Learning models
  • Validation of patterns with the help of domain experts to confirm meaningful relationships
  • Extensive domain expertise for validating all relationships for rendering relevant models

Our data science consulting services cover the entire gamut of data preparation and modeling backed by further optimization and performance tuning of data models. With expertise in migration of algorithms and data models across various advanced analytics platforms, XDuce ensures that technological advantage is key to our presence in the data science consulting services domain.

High Business Value

Single Global Information Platform

Increased Operational Control

Improved End-user Productivity


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