What is Financial Cloud?

Oracle Finance Cloud is a cutting-edge Cloud based finance solution designed to provide your organization a competitive financial edge. From managing the daily finance function to identifying new KPIs and generating deep financial insights, Finance Cloud encompasses all nuances of the financial economic space. These solutions have redefined financial agility for a variety of enterprises.

Why XDuce for Financial Cloud?

XDuce consulting services helps you integrate a comprehensive and scalable financial management solution with your organization. We assist in the financial restructuring in your organization by automating, defining, and streamlining accounting from sub ledger to ledger and to consolidation level and other reporting processes.

When you engage with us, you leverage our financial project management and processes expertise for delivering reliable and secure financial solutions for your enterprise that boost efficiency and productivity for an unmatched end-user experience.

Strategic services by XDuce

Financials Cloud

Planning and Budgeting Cloud

Purchasing Cloud

Advanced Collections

Revenue Management

Our Success Mantra

XDuce manages complex finance operations in terms of process efficiency, governance, risk and compliance, and performance management. Our prime focus is to integrate these high-end solutions to bring about easily scalable and cost-effective financial processes in the quickest turnaround time.

We use the FIT methodology that comprises proven methods and practices to ensure high-quality ERP delivery experience. Our implementation framework leverages traditional practices that are backed by both Lean and Agile competencies. We consistently ensure clarity, consensus, and alignment on the scope and processes for governance, oversight, and communication.

We offer comprehensive Finance management services that can enhance your business value by using detailed risk and performance analytics dashboards. Our end-end support includes continuous supervision to enable your business adapt to dynamic changes in budgeting and forecasting as well. We help drive superior performance with our quality-compliant standards that eliminate errors, risks, and inefficiency in the system.

Reduced Cost

Scalable Finance Management

Optimized and Simplified

Improved Controls


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