Oracle Financials Cloud – creeping into every corner? The nuances of the way the world does business is changing with the role of finance, as with the advent of new technology. Finance leaders are now seeing applications and technology as a service – which is robust, reliable, and scalable whilst lowering costs and eliminating complexities in integration.


Oracle’s Cloud-based Financial Solution (OFS) is a cutting-edge Cloud-based ERP application solution designed to provide your organization with a competitive financial edge. We help enhance your modern finance experience by redefining financial agility in your organization and help drive immeasurable business value with our leading-edge financial solutions. With vast experience in controlling and analyzing your business in real time, Oracle leverages Cloud computing, analytics, big data, social media and networking to designing state-of-the-art financial software solutions. These high-end solutions can be seamlessly integrated to bring about easily scalable and cost-effective financial processes in minimal turnaround time. From identifying new KPIs to generating deep financial insights, Oracle Financial Cloud ERP encompasses all nuances of the financial economic space.


However, notwithstanding security concerns, financial enterprises have come to understand the benefits of the Cloud. A vast majority agree that scalability is the biggest advantage of the Cloud as it allows you to accommodate growing business demands in the current market scenario. Other major benefits of Oracle ERP in the Cloud named by respondents are flexibility in resource utilization and easier access to systems for employees and customers, thereby transforming your business into an ‘agile’ model to vastly improve operational efficiency. Oracle Financials Cloud encompasses all nuances of the complex financial economic space in terms of ledger and analytics, payables and assets, receivables, collections, and expenses.


5 key features of Oracle ERP Financial Cloud:

  • Ledger and Analytics is a multi-dimensional reporting platform with cutting-edge visualization and collaboration capabilities.
  • Payables and Assets is a touchless supplier-invoice entry that allows you to scan invoices with intelligent document recognition. Faster invoice approvals and audits largely cut down transaction processing costs and errors in data entry.
  • Receivables enables a single business unit to consolidate supplier and customer payments for multiple business units. Centralized and consolidated functions and systems allow you to manage your customer data centrally including balances and revenue-related data. Create customer invoices, and receive and apply customer payments with appropriate configuration, pricing, and quoting to cash abilities.
  • Collections allows your enterprise to stay on top of invoices that are overdue and is a show stopper for many enterprises. Advanced collection metrics not only calculate current and historical performance but also provide the ability to measure and increase efficiency by monitoring the performance of your collectors’ activities at various levels. Your customers can be not only be ranked uniquely with configurable scoring, but potentially bankrupt customers can also be identified and tracked easily.
  • Expenses is a self-service oriented comprehensive solution that supports common features such as creation and submission of daily expense reports, voice capture to record expenses, supporting multi-currency and expense management control with approvals and audits. Other innovative features use your contacts and calendar on your smartphone to accommodate seamless project and travel integration with Project Financials.

XDuce is a key strategic player and helps manage complex finance operations in terms of governance, risk and compliance, and performance management. Our prime focus is the implementation of these high-end Cloud solutions to bring about easily scalable and cost-effective financial processes in the quickest turnaround time. We offer comprehensive Financial management services that can enhance your business value by using detailed risk and performance analytics dashboards. Our end-end support ranges from continuous supervision of the implementation of the Cloud application to managed services for Cloud technology to enable your business to adapt to dynamic changes.


We help drive superior performance with Oracle’s modern ERP solution that eliminates errors, risks, and inefficiency in the system. We provide quality-compliant standards and managed services for various genres of Cloud technology, financial applications and databases, network management, and storage and security, thereby reducing your ‘time-to-market’ and enhanced business decision-making capabilities.