‘Human resources largely determine the value of a business’ – in the way they manage and synthesize both the ‘financial capital’ and ‘intellectual capital’ functions. Oracle’s Global Human Resources Cloud offers a suite of business solutions with the aim of maximizing employee engagement and management. A single, unified solution, built on open standards enables your organization to use value-added metrics and role-based processes as an approach to managing people as strategic assets. From aligning common global people processes to promoting compliance in work culture, to increasing operational efficiency with real-time predictions, notifications, and recommendations, this power-packed Human Resources Cloud tool is designed to enhance global excellence in people processes and methodologies.


Equipped with a state-of-the-art reporting and document management system, this solution empowers your employees to leverage these methodologies and to meet clearly delineated and consistently communicated performance expectations.


Oracle HCM Cloud offers a host of value-packed features that essentially comprise the Human Resources, Workforce Directory, Workforce Predictions, Workforce Modeling, Human Resources Help Desk, Advanced HCM Controls, Workforce Health and Safety Incidents, and Strategic Workforce Planning functions.


Human Resources typically include Worker Lifecycle management, Employment, Employee Information, Employee Information, Employee Information, and Industry and Union Support. Worker Lifecycle allows your HR function to hiring on board, retain, or terminate employees based on compliance with legislatory practices. Employment essentially helps track and manage employment, open positions, and openings, including overseas assignments. Employee Information is a handy tool for employees where they effectively manage their personal data, leave and benefit enrollments, pay slip-related information. Global and Local HR is an important function that allows you to leverage legislative functionality for seamless operational efficiency across global jurisdictions. Industry and Union Support largely helps simplify rule-centric processes in industry, union, collective labor, and worker agreements.
Workforce Directory includes My Team, Person Spotlight, Organization Chart, and Smart Navigation functions. My Team is built with the intent of creating easy smart dashboard access to your team data on the go. Person Spotlight primarily promotes employee collaboration by facilitating sharing and viewing public employee information including social media profiles. Organization Chart is a one-step visualization that provides your organizational hierarchy design and increases collaboration across all levels. Smart Navigation allows you to take immediate one-step remedial measures within your spotlight.
Workforce Predictions comprises Predictive Talent N-Box, Industry and Union Support, and Attributes. Predictive Talent N-Box helps foresee individual performance and attrition cross teams using current and historical data. Again, What-If Scenario Analysis provides cutting-edge analytics for deep insights and accelerated business decision making. Attributes uses predictive analytics to recalibrate various prebuilt attributes that make it easy to build new predictive models.
Workforce Modeling essentially comprises Model Business Scenarios, Predicted Effectiveness, and Approval Workflows. Workforce Modeling helps model business scenarios related to reorganizations, acquisitions, and other organizational decisions. Predicted Effectiveness allows analysis of the cost and impact of reorganizations and employee transfers as measure of business success prediction. Approval Workflows contain effective workflow tools and methodologies that are used to implement change management quickly using a simple and intuitive approval workflow tool.
Human Resources Help Desk comprises Superior Service, Data Privacy, Case Management, and Implementation. Oracle help desk or Superior Service is a facility that provides access HR services with the aim of finding resolution to employee queries. Data Privacy ensures secure protection against sensitive employee data. Case Management helps assign and triage cases for expedited employee resolution. Implementation is built at proactively minimizing implementation effort.


Advanced HCM Controls comprises Security Controls, Stop Payment Fraud, and Change Tracking Controls. Security Controls enable automated security analysis for role design using privacy regulatory acts. Stop Payment Fraud helps audit and monitor all transactions across various functions such as payroll, benefits, compensation, and so on. Change Tracking Controls Monitor predicts anomalies in protected HCM setups, configurations, and master data.
Workforce Health and Safety Incidents comprises Incident Reporting, Incident Management, and Safety Dashboards and KPIs. Incident Reporting facilitates easy capturing of critical events from a remote browser-enabled service. Incident Management helps manage all incidents with the aim of a quick resolution. Safety Dashboards and KPIs allows you to monitor and effectively increase cognizance of safety objectives by reporting potential threats.
Strategic Workforce Planning typically includes What-If Modeling, Demand and Supply Planning, Skills Gap Analysis, and Smart View.


What-If Modeling provides deep analytical insight into mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, and new competitors. Demand and Supply Planning allows you to intuitively plan for attrition and impacted cost by directly evaluating demand against skill supply in the market. Skills Gap Analysis helps you identify potential competency levels that are a must-have for strategic positions in the organization. Smart View is a reporting tool that uses Office to support analyzing and editing of workforce data.


XDuce is a key player in the deployment and implementation of Oracle Cloud HR Solutions across the globe. We help build an implementation framework with inbuilt capabilities and automated workflows along with the flexibility to scale and effectively balance people, processes, and technology to boost workforce productivity.


Our implementation focuses not only on the developmental practices of people, but also on the transactional nuances of workforce management by obtaining, analyzing, and reporting on data that facilitates guided decision-making for your organization. We ensure seamless integration of your workforce data with the Oracle HCM solution and help you streamline your organizational processes and other organizational design-related practices and systems.

When you engage with us, your organization transcends human resources to help you maintain and manage an effective workforce.