Have you ever wondered why some apps succeed while others fail to gain traction? 


Yes, the success of any mobile app in the market will depend on who you are targeting and what problem you are solving for them. But when your app looks good and functions well, people will want to use it. There are two key elements to building an app that users will download, use, and tell their friends about. You need an attractive design and a useful purpose, and you cannot have one without the other.


A well-designed app leads to better user experience which results in increased sales, growth, and profitability. If your users don’t find your app engaging and beneficial – they simply won’t use it. In today’s fast-paced world, where applications are released every day – a distinct disadvantage of an app can have been its negative user reviews in terms of experience. 


Further, when you focus on your customers’ experience, everything else will follow. Mobile users have higher expectations when it comes to usability and features. They are looking for a reason to switch to a new app. And mobile apps that lead to user frustration result in a productivity loss for the business. By making sure your apps and the people using them work together, you will keep information flowing and avoid costly abandoned apps. 


Now that you’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and resources to create a mobile app, it is imperative that you maintain the same quality and efficiency. The key point here after mobile app deployment is maintenance. Even the best mobile app will not succeed if you neglect its maintenance. As a business owner, you need to steadily invest in updating your mobile app(s) with new features and a sleeker UI (User Interface)/ UX to adapt to modern consumer expectations. 


Best Practices for App Deployment and Maintenance

To stay competitive in a Mobile App Development landscape that is quickly evolving, you must continuously invest resources and money in long-term app maintenance. Here are proven best practices for mobile app maintenance: 

Ensure Timely App Updates

User engagement is one of the major aspects which determines the growth of any mobile app. If you keep delivering the right type of content at the correct time then there are high chances that your users will remain active on your app. When it comes to your mobile app, there are three things users are always expecting from you: frequent updates, several in-app purchases, and quick support for bugs or issues.  


As a business, if you want your app to succeed time and again, then you need to really focus on these vital factors. It doesn’t make sense to add new features when there are some bugs and errors in the previous versions of your app. With timely updates as part of your app maintenance strategy, you can enhance the user experience of your app as well as boost your user retention rates.  

Ensure Relevant User Security and Privacy Terms

Today, users are genuinely concerned about their privacy online. At a glance, they want to know what you’re going to do with their information and how it will be used. Don’t overwhelm users with your permission requests; instead, group your permissions together and let them decide what information to share, when to share it and how to share it. It should be a balance of providing enough information for the app to work well and restricting access to sensitive information such as financial data. 


Your users want assurance that their information will be protected, and they don’t want to download an app that is going to sell their information online. A recent study found that many users would stop using an app (or delete it altogether) if they discovered it was collecting and sharing their information without specific permissions. 

Ensure Reliable Customer Support

Mobile app users often face technical troubles and glitches, for which they need instant solutions. A help desk is the first support service you should implement on your mobile app as it allows users to avail assistance from a team of experts in a timely and convenient way. Besides using FAQs and search boxes, you can also use live chats that allow your users to connect with you instantly. 


Further, user experience and the support offered on the app is paramount because no one wants to download a mobile application that doesn’t consider its users’ requirements. The most critical aspect of deploying a mobile application is the adoption rate of your application by the end users. To boost this engagement, you need to build an engaging mobile app support platform that addresses their queries within the shortest possible time. 

Ensure Timely UX Updates

Did you know that a great user experience can make or break your app? A good mobile app experience can make all the difference when it comes to retention, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction. In fact, there’s increasing evidence that shows users are now expecting more from their apps.  


However, it can be easy to underestimate the value and importance of a stellar user experience. And personalization has the power to increase user engagement if the UX is customized to their needs and preferences. By creating tailor-made experiences for your users, you provide them with incentives to stay loyal to your app. Also, don’t be afraid to get creative with personalization, whether it’s offering something of value in return or providing cross-product promotions. 

Ensure Optimization through Landing Pages

Landing pages are without a doubt one of the best lead generating and marketing tools in today’s digital market. That’s because they allow an unlimited number of actions while serving a single purpose: to convert visitors into leads or leads into buyers. Landing pages help you collect information that you can use to develop targeted products and services, as well as up-sell campaigns and client communication. 


Whether you are promoting your services or products, landing pages are crucial for your app marketing strategy. They remove all barriers for the user to purchase and help them understand what you have to offer even better. 

To Conclude:

These five proven methods will help you keep your mobile app at its best even after its deployment. Your app is no longer a product but an extension of your brand, so you should invest in it by keeping it up to date as well.


We at XDuce can help you with the whole after deployment maintenance for your mobile app. We have an experienced team of developers working round the clock to bring out the best in your ideas.