Mulesoft Developers in leading healthcare provider

Cross Platform App Development for one of the Largest Publishers in US
November 2, 2020


Our Client provides kidney dialysis services through a network of 4000 outpatient dialysis centers. The client had changed the view from Patient view to Patient 360 in the Salesforce Health Cloud. For integration purposes, they purchased Mulesoft – used for API and ESP platforms.

Client’s Expectations

The client was heavily focused on building an enterprise-wide digital integration platform with Mulesoft as the key element. They were looking at complete Mulesoft integration for the APIs – for all the business entities and labs.

For that they wanted experienced Mulesoft Developers:

  • Mulesoft Developer introduces in-depth expertise in the tools, databases, operating system, and languages used by the company to deliver robust integration processes.
  • Delivers software that complies with architectural and technical standards/objectives.
  • Responsible for the development of programming code modules, release coordination, and technical component documentation for specific integration efforts.

The Integration Engineer (Developer/ Architect) is a Mulesoft professional with Java/J2EE background responsible for the architecture, design, development, and support for all phases and activities involved in the projects for providing enterprise integration services and operations. This is a technical lead/architect role for designing, developing, and implementing the foundational interface services that support Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform.

Challenges we faced

The biggest challenge that the delivery team faced was the scarcity of resources available in the market. The resources that the team had found after a phenomenal effort was subsequently screened and then submitted to the client for review.

The next challenge was to make them interview-ready, with the interview being highly technical with many scenario-based questions. All the resources that we thought were top notch for this role were not actually able to deliver during the interview rounds, which took us back to the drawing board.

A host of brainstorming sessions were conducted within the team based on the inputs that we gathered from the interviews. During the brainstorming sessions, another challenge that came to light was the compensation for both contract and full-time roles. There was also an issue in ensuring that the candidate is delivered right and completes the entire tenure of the consulting project or FTE role.


We had clear communication with the client about the challenges that we were facing during the sourcing process for Mulesoft roles.

  • There was an in-depth discussion between us and the client for amicable solutions to these issues. We also received a few sample profiles which gave us a better picture of client requirements and expectations.
  • After further discussions with the client and other stakeholders, it was time to aggressively regroup and get back to the drawing board.
  • With inputs from the client, sample profiles, and exact know-how about the project and its deliverables, points from rejections, points from interviews that happened, the drawing board seemed a little easier for us.
  • We were aggressive in our search through different job boards, LinkedIn, references, and connections with specialized Mulesoft candidate suppliers.
  • Post the search, we started to shortlist profiles based on the inputs that we collated. We also altered the grilling process of the candidates and incorporated some of the key points in our discussion with them.
Benefits Overview

After several weeks and months of sustained effort, we were finally able to submit 4 qualified resources who eventually managed to crack the interviews and receive offers from the client.

Not only did this give us immense confidence, but it also helped us find a place in the preferred supplier list of the client for Mulesoft roles. We are currently working on closing a few more roles with the client for this Mulesoft position.

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