Contractual Recruitment

XDuce offers top-notch flexi staffing services to accommodate today’s economic volatility and market dynamics.

  • In current market dynamics employees largely prioritize expedited career growth, remuneration, and job flexibility over job stability and security.


Permanent Recruitment

XDuce also offers staffing services for permanent positions which form the core of your organization.

  • With permanent contracts, both the organization and the employee enjoy greater stability and security.
  • Permanent employees adopt more responsibility and offer higher commitment and loyalty.
  • We address your need for leveraging permanent employees to oversee long projects and execute confidential business plans.
  • It brings cohesiveness and stability to a team and the organization.

Why XDuce?

XDuce works with you to sustain the dynamic conditions of today’s business environment – with a core of permanent resources with options for flexi staffing as well. We have the experience and tools to drive decision-making, and help tailor solutions based on the organizational requirements. When you engage with us, you have the edge to ensure that your human resources are efficiently managed for business excellence.

Manual and Algorithm Based Sourcing

The evolution of recruitment has introduced manual and algorithm-based sourcing to solve the problem of DNA profiling for a potential candidate.

Employee Orientation and Retention

We provide professional guidance for candidates to help build motivation and self- confidence with mock interviews, modification of your profile, and so on.

Top-Notch Head Hunters

Our exemplary technologically-driven competitor mapping equips our team to source quality candidates from multiple offshore locations.

Regular Follow-Ups

Our staffing model comprises a structured follow-up cycle from screening and selection of the candidate profile till on-boarding of the selected resource.

Faster Turn Around Time

We have a central database that allows you to manage candidates in the least submission time, thereby improving our hiring efficiency.


We use cutting-edge technology to maintain your confidentiality of your resource data.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our staffing team comes with a dedicated account manager and a team of skilled recruiters for each client to provide personalized service.

Technology-centric Processes

We use smart ATS to perform parity checks of your potential resources to ensure that you have the best of the profiles in your resource pool.

Hire Amazing Consultants

Outsource your talent sourcing process to XDuce and let us help you revitalise your database with most updated CVs of new candidates and the ones you contacted in the past.

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