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Services to accommodate today’s economic volatility and market dynamics.

Owing to a paradigm shift in the recruitment ecosystem, XDuce has introduced specialized services for contractual employment. The current market dynamics has employees largely prioritizing expedited career growth, remuneration, and job flexibility over job stability and security which was the erstwhile scenario. The staffing market is now burgeoning with contractual opportunities as this type of hiring focuses on a hassle-free recruitment process, greatly reducing the onus on the organization as well as the employees. We work with you to create well-drafted flexi contracts outsourced on vendor payroll, wherein, the resource can easily transition without causing any sort of administrative burden on the enterprise at the end of the contract term.

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Response Time – 8 to 12 hours
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Services at XDuce

Technology Profiles

UI/UX professionals, Mobile/Applications Developers, Solutions/ Enterprise/Integration/Data Architects, Embedded Systems Engineers, Data / Systems Engineer, Visualization/Reports Developers, Business Intelligence Professionals, Business/Data /Quality/ Systems Analysts, Project/Program Managers, Middleware/ Database/ Storage/ Network/ Systems Administrators, IT Security Professionals, Cloud DevOps/Architects

Functional Profiles

Accounting, Insurance Claims Representative, Customer Service Representatives, Administration


Financial Services & Insurance
Health Services

Candidate Screening Process


Rich DB of 1.5M candidates, Social Media, Internal Referrals, Industry Experience

Candidate Screening & Assessment

Domain Experience, Education, Certifications, Past Employment Stability, Values Fit, In-Person / Webcam / Video Conf Evaluation

Skill Assessment

Tech FAQs, Online Testing, CoderPad, Hacker Test, Communication, Attitude, Teamwork

Candidate Verification

ID Checks, Past Work, References

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Faster Turn Around Time

End to End Recruitment Support

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Top Notch Head Hunters

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