Permanent Recruitment

XDuce offers staffing services for permanent positions which form the core of your organization.

While contractual recruitment offers flexibility, an organization also stands on a solid core of permanent human resource. With permanent contracts, both the organization and the employee enjoy greater stability and security. Permanent employees adopt more responsibility and offer higher commitment and loyalty. We address your need for leveraging permanent employees to oversee long projects and execute confidential business plans cannot be ignored as they bring cohesiveness and stability to a team and the organization.

Our Competency

Response Time – 2 to 4 Days

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Services at XDuce

Technology Profiles

UI/UX professionals, Mobile/Applications Developers, Solutions/ Enterprise/Integration/Data Architects, Embedded Systems Engineers, Data / Systems Engineer, Visualization/Reports Developers, Business Intelligence Professionals, Business/Data /Quality/ Systems Analysts, Project/Program Managers, Middleware/ Database/ Storage/ Network/ Systems Administrators, IT Security Professionals, Cloud DevOps/Architects

Functional Profiles

Accounting, Insurance Claims Representative, Customer Service Representatives, Administration


Financial Services & Insurance
Health Services

Candidate Screening Process


Rich DB of 1.5M candidates, Social Media, Internal Referrals

Candidate Screening & Assessment

Domain Experience, Education, Certifications, Past Employment Stability, Values Fit, In-Person / Webcam / Video Conf Evaluation

Skill Assessment

Tech FAQs, Online Testing, CoderPad, Hacker Test, Communication, Attitude, Teamwork

Why XDuce

Faster Turn Around Time

End to End Recruitment Support

Leading Edge ATS

Top Notch Head Hunters

Technology Centric Processes

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