Staffing Partner to MSP

While contractual recruitment offers flexibility, an organization also stands on a solid core of permanent human resource. With permanent contracts, both the organization and the employee enjoy greater stability and security. Permanent employees adopt more responsibility and offer higher commitment and loyalty. We address your need for leveraging permanent employees to oversee long projects and execute confidential business plans cannot be ignored as they bring cohesiveness and stability to a team and the organization.

Why MSPs Partner with XDuce?

Since our founding in 2006, companies have consistently looked to XDuce as their staffing and talent partner to creatively shore up resource gaps, design new talent solutions and address workforce challenges. Today, more than 75% of XDuce’s top clients use an MSP. One reason why MSPs choose XDuce is that we embrace their processes and excel at operating in their highly rigorous and structured environment.

Why XDuce

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