The healthcare sector, with its immense growth potential, has gone through the tremendous transformation, what with companies are innovating to support new care and delivery models. Healthcare organizations are now largely merging, acquiring, and divesting at record levels to help with their transformation and gain access to these emerging technologies so they can be more of an intelligence-driven enterprise to drive improved patient and business outcomes.

Healthcare Global discusses the rise of ERP in healthcare and suggests that implementing a comprehensive system will offer a tremendous number of financial benefits to users.


ERP systems offer an integrated approach in terms of creating opportunities for attracting world-class physicians, clinicians, and researchers by providing a highly effective and efficient environment. They completely eliminate duplication and manual processes, and proactively increase patient safety and enhance strategic decision-making through the use of ‘state-of-the-art’ information systems. ERP ensures that all the relevant data is centralized, making it easier to access and interpret the most up-to-date business facts and figures. This integrated process is more secure than having information across multiple systems where data could be lost in transition. Additionally, the predictive power of ERP software will be used to help reduce healthcare costs. ERP software can include predictive analysis capabilities, which is used to identify patient readmissions, allowing the healthcare provider to implement measures to prevent this from happening.


Oracle’s cutting-edge Healthcare Cloud solutions meet the complex needs of healthcare payer and provider organizations and their patients. Oracle empowers the healthcare industry by offering a holistic and unified ERP, finance, HCM, SCM, and EPM cloud applications.


XDuce is an Oracle Platinum Partner in the Oracle products and solutions’ space with sound expertise in Oracle Healthcare Cloud. We have delivered comprehensive solutions with the prime focus on understanding the nuances of healthcare by helping integrate a comprehensive and scalable ERP framework in your environment. As we talk to our customers and thought leaders in our community, they have identified many driving forces that impact them and their businesses.


As we help integrate ERP into your ecosystem, our core focus is to see how credentialing causes liability concerns if not maintained backed by a deep understanding of how it can deter the ability of a clinician to be productive. We also train stakeholders to enable handling of ongoing metrics management and benefits tracking, enabling continuous enhancement of business processes, and provider ERP configurations as well as alignment with emerging technology and business needs. Our ERP implementations gravitate towards organization change management to ensure end-user adoption. We essentially synthesize our healthcare industry and Oracle product knowledge to enable key strategic initiatives and define innovation-driven processes that largely reduce duplication of efforts and manual intervention.


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