Over the past ten years, the rapid advancements in technology have fundamentally altered the global banking and finance sector. The banking industry can benefit from a modernized architecture supported by advanced technologies, thanks to the industry’s rising client needs and constant advancements. The technical hand-holding with the process and operations is crucial for overcoming all of this while maintaining the growing rate.


XDuce enables instantaneous and secure transactions to create omni-channel experiences across products and services, allowing Digital Transformation-driven intelligent banking. Operational excellence can be attained with the aid of cloud-based FinTech software solutions. In general, it enables businesses to create and develop applications quickly.

A)Focusing on core banking – Imagine a core banking system that is smart, connected, and adaptable for the future. You can have it right away with our assistance.

B)Adapting to new modes of payment – We assist banks, payment service providers, and other participants in the value chain in adapting to succeed.

C)Nurturing benefits of Cloud computing – For the banking sector, a successful cloud migration is crucial from a strategic perspective.

D)Adapting culture of Open Banking – This is a revolution. Regulations and technology are opening up the banking value chain. Whether a bank succeeds or fails in the future depends on how it acts today.


Here at XDuce, we can combine the art and helps you bring in the new outlook in the banking and finance industry:

Payments & Billing Solutions
Compliance and Risk Management Solutions
Investment Portfolio Management Software
Digital Wallet Development Services


We help customers build custom banking & financial software solutions to overcome the challenges of technological transformation both in daily and large-scale operations.



  • Software Solutions for Trading and Securities – For different investment agencies, traders, asset managers, trust funds, financial intermediaries, and banks, XDuce creates specialized trading platform software solutions. Real-time transaction processing, market monitoring, and other features are easily made possible by our efficient infrastructure.
  • Software for Loan Management With the aid of cutting-edge procedures and technology, skilled professionals at XDuce continually examine the issues borrowers confront and provide appropriate solutions to address the root causes. To oversee all loan operations, we create a portal. The entire loan lifecycle, from loan origination through management and collections, is managed by our loan management software. We assist banks in quickly expanding along with cutting costs.
  • Software for Digital Wallet – We create engaging, intelligent, and simple digital bill payment systems that make it really simple for banking customers to view and simultaneously pay the bills. We build sizable electronic bill distribution networks based on in-depth research and examination of the on-going current trends. This facilitates P2P payment which gets convenience for customers.
  • Software for managing Investment Portfolio Our team of skilled developers design and deploy unique portfolio management solutions that improve the efficiency of the resources and overall simplify the routine corporate operations. We also integrate easily with sophisticated asset management modules and algorithms for trading expense reduction.
  • Software for Mobile Banking – The mobile banking solutions allow banks to offer services to their clients anytime, anywhere access to internet banking with flexibility, improved performance, and a wonderful user experience. Every consumer demands extremely secure, user-friendly mobile banking applications, which is what we are expert in creating.
  • Customized Banking Software – Our state-of-the-art software solutions for financial institutions are developed to meet the expanding and ever-growing demands of the sector. To give banking and financial companies a suitable control, enable them for the adoption of new products, and facilitate the management of regulatory requirements, XDuce develops banking systems with API-first features which makes banking life more sorted.
  • Software to detect Frauds – We assist banks in battling financial crime while modernizing them. Our products enable proactive surveillance so that banks can react to new criminal topologies and innovate while reducing losses through early identification. Our state-of-the-art fraud detection technologies are built to protect resources and revenue.


Just tell us what you need, one of our qualified experts will recommend the best solution for your company.

The entire banking system is being transformed by finance and banking apps, moving away from branch-specific processes and progressing towards diverse digital platforms like internet, social, and mobile. This has provided the banking sector with a number of chances to offer their services quickly and effectively to their valuable customers.

Fintech is being used in the financial services sector to boost productivity, enhance customer satisfaction level, lower costs and fraud, and also spur innovation. All elements of banking and financial services, including payments, lending/credit reporting, and insurance, can benefit from the digitalization of the services.

The price to develop a financial software application is determined by the desired capabilities. could vary depending on features and project scope.

Your data is protected from all malware attempts by being encrypted and being sent through banking channels with the highest level of security.

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