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XDuce offers a full suite of cloud consulting services to businesses of all sizes. Many enterprises have relied on our cloud services to move mission-critical workloads, thus improving their business performance and profitability.


Our IT and cloud Computing consulting services can help you identify the digital initiatives that are most critical for your business. We provide your business with a secure cloud Computing plan to assist you in successfully navigating the cloud transformation. Our cloud Computing consulting services go through a thorough due diligence process to ensure that you get the finest cost-cutting, business agility, performance, security, and high reliability for your cloud transformation.


XDuce provides a comprehensive range of technical consulting services in the areas of IT network and management. We offer an experienced team of consultants with extensive industry knowledge and a wide range of technologies to help you speed up the assessment and create a solid IT plan for your company.


Why is XDuce the best IT & Cloud Computing Consulting Service Provider?

XDuce is an expert in all major cloud computing platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It excels at building high-performance, scalable, and secure applications in private, hybrid, and public cloud environments. Clients can work with XDuce to receive a high return on cloud computing efforts and boost company agility, minimize expenses, and reduce risk.


Our cloud computing consulting services at XDuce are founded on five fundamental principles: migration, hyper-scale integration, modernization, management, and innovation. You can trust the XDuce team with your cloud computing consulting needs since we provide 24×7 monitoring, on-site and remote IT support, and recurring monthly reports.


With XDuce, you can get business-driven results. Our cloud computing migration and modernization steps include:


After a thorough examination, the cloud computing providers develop a concrete migration and modernization plan in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Experienced team:

Our team focuses on designing solutions that are robust safe with no downtime, regardless of the environment.


Multiple migrations and modernization phases are involved. We train employees on how to use the cloud's features and modernize workflows with built-in tools and automation. 


This step establishes a secure and well-managed cloud computing environment for the client that can handle a variety of workloads.

Swift modernization & Deployment

We create and deploy solutions and apps. We have a development staff that specializes in app development.

Quick and innovative approach

Businesses are striving to give flawless experiences to customers and users in the age of digital transformation; old systems must make room for future developments.


Utilize our professional services to create networks that administer complex applications, database platforms, and comprehensive business solutions.

Our consulting team works with clients to establish action plans that aid in the development of their digital transformation strategy.
Data engineering
We assist in developing meaningful insights and enable real-time decision-making through data engineering and analytics services.
App Modernization
We can assist you in achieving your digital transformation goals. Our approach is automating legacy systems to make them more efficient.
Enterprise Mobility
For a variety of clients all around the world, we design full-featured, secure, and scalable iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile applications.
DevOps & Automation
Our next-generation DevOps and automation services help businesses grow by bridging the gap between development and operations.
UI/UX Design
We provide end-to-end transition plans to assist you in achieving your microservices architecture goals and developing a user-friendly UX approach.


Creating a competitive edge that involves the creation of increasingly sophisticated software solutions.

Custom ETL Framework

XDuce built a custom ETL Framework for a Global Insurance company, enabling enhanced and faster real-time reporting that provides a 360 degree view of partner performance and client portfolios.

Accelerates and Automates the Publication Review Process

To improve the efficiency and predict the timeline of the entire process, XDuce developed a user-friendly and reliable system to automate the publication review process.


The benefits of Partnership with XDuce for IT and Cloud Computing Consulting are:


We collaborate with our clients to provide the best solution for today and a roadmap for the future, ensuring that each client receives the most value.


We collaborate with clients to establish their business needs and strategic objectives in order to provide the most cost-effective and effective solution possible.


Our experienced engineers assist clients with the planning, design, build, deployment, management, and support of a variety of cloud computing strategies.


We also collaborate closely with clients on transferring knowledge so that employees may get the most out of their new systems.


You may rest confident that your data is well-protected because we provide services in compliance with the greatest security principles.


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