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Banking Solutions

As a top provider of banking and financial software, we enable quick and safe transactions to provide omnichannel experiences for all kinds of products and services. In this industry, consumer demands are growing, with more competitors entering the market. The regulatory bodies are making it challenging to comply with the said laws. Technical hand-holding with the process and operations is very crucial for overcoming all of this and parallelly maintaining the growth rate as well.

Overall, it empowers Digital Transformation-driven intelligent banking. The banking industry may benefit from a modernized architecture supported by disruptive technologies and it is all because of our regular research and ongoing innovation.

XDuce is a pioneer in creating FinTech software solutions for the cloud to achieve operational excellence. Our solutions are used by some of the leading names in banking and financial services to optimize each customer touchpoint across different channels. Enterprises can swiftly develop and update apps as facilitated by our software development process.

Solutions we offer for the Banking Industry:

Compliance & Risk Management

Digital Wallet Software Solution


Fintech Payment Solutions

Investment Portfolio Management Software

Payments & Billing Solutions

Insurance Solutions

The wave of digital transformation is expected to give insurance businesses new chances to streamline all their corporate operations and then succeed commercially. Insurers can work more quickly and precisely because of the perfectly defined processes, chat interactions with customers, automatic claims processing, and proper aggregation of information.

Insurance software solutions assist insurance companies in becoming more digitally capable in their business processes. Our cutting-edge solutions inspire insurers to embrace digital transformation and get advantages like increased productivity, maximum marketing in minimum time, overall lower costs, knowledge retention, and better governance.

XDuce assists the insurance sector in seeing the wider picture and achieving their digital disruption by cutting through the noise which happened by drawing on extensive knowledge of our team.


Solutions we offer for the Insurance Industry:

Claims Management Software Solutions

Insurance Agency Management Systems

Insurance Data Analytics Solutions

Policy Management Software Solutions

Workflow Management Software

Healthcare Solutions

Trends are always being presented to and observed in the healthcare sector. High standards for healthcare quality, patient data protection, and service to every patient are some of the most essential issues that need to be looked after very carefully, and the digital transformation through technology integration helps to do it all with the best efficiency possible. Patients who want on-demand healthcare services are revolutionizing the healthcare sector as a result of the digital innovation era. The way doctors diagnose their patients, how people maintain their fitness, and how health reports are transmitted have all been revolutionized by healthcare apps. These apps have made it possible for professionals to interact with patients directly and provide helpful solutions.


Solutions we offer for the Healthcare Industry:

Healthcare Solutions

Hospital Information System

Hospital Management Software

Healthcare Integration Services

Patient Portal Development

Non Profit

The experience of working with non-profit organizations is both humble and gratifying. Non-profits come for assistance in developing trustworthy platforms for their community and content management when engaging with their online target consumers. With the aid of our design and large database migration experience, we assist non-profits in gaining complete access to world-class software solutions that are essential for the overall welfare of the international communities. 

Thanks to a wide range of out-of-the-box functions and our long history of expertise in digital transformation solutions, we make it simple for non-profits so that they can easily manage, gather, and distribute their details and information. Xduce assists them in integrating one-stop solutions to generate, distribute, and amplify an effective, unified message throughout your web presence as we are digital professionals.

Solutions we offer for Non-profits:

Advanced Solution for Nonprofit Promotion

Automation of Publication Review

Communication and Membership Platforms

Custom Software Solutions

Volunteer Management Software


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