Nonprofit software development services are made to promote visibility and transparency inside your costs, as well as resource alignment. You can quicken the funding, planning, and reporting processes for your nonprofit organization with the help of our tailored nonprofit software solutions.


We assist Non-Profits in developing strong platforms for their community and content management when engaging with their online target consumers. We help them to provide access to world-class software solutions that are essential for the better good of international communities through our expertise in design and massive database migrations.

XDuce well understands this growing industry as it no longer remains smaller and has taken quite a big shape. Now the team here very well understand that what are the areas they need to work upon to grow this industry:

Enhancing the quality of Workforce – Develop workforce competencies, and enable workers to move beyond transactions and get into connections with citizens.

Making use of computing and digital platforms – To scale services quickly and smoothly companies are leveraging cloud computing and digital platforms, all the while keeping employee and citizen security and confidence in mind. This will increase the productivity of the related people in the organization.

Modernizing the services overall – Citizens today demand responsive, living services that seamlessly integrate into their lives, not just value for money. Thus, it is essential to be updated with the core modern functionalities.


Here at XDuce, we can combine the art and helps you bring in the new outlook in the nonprofits industry:

Custom software solutions
Automation of Publication Review Process
Advanced solution for nonprofit promotion
Communication and membership platforms


We help customers build non-profits software solutions to overcome the challenges of technological transformation both in daily and large-scale operations.



  • Publishing Review Automation System – For each publication, XDuce created a streamlined web-based software solution to speed up data entry and the completion of review forms. It has an integrated workflow, role-based access, EIC input, and EIC and review committee cooperation. This facilitates real-time review status of any publication related to the organization.
  • Software Solutions For Fund Accounting
    We at XDuce create unique fund accounting software solutions with modules for donor management and fundraiser planning that are tailored for governmental or nonprofit organizations.
  • Software Solutions For Managing Compliance – XDuce designs compliance management software to make sure nonprofits are aware of their compliance obligations and also integrate them into operational procedures. We programme every feature that is required, including those for hiring, human resources, supply, and contractors.
  • Software Solutions For Managing Teams and Projects
    Confluence and Jira are integrated to offer a project management solution in addition to Jira’s software development tools. To display Jira issues generated from Confluence, XDuce makes use of the Jira Issues Macro and Jira Query Language (JQL). Thus, it helps to manage multiple projects and different teams under one roof.
  • Software Solutions For Managing Fundraising – To enable recurring online donations and online payment processing, XDuce integrates with payment portals. Additionally, we develop unique solutions that automate the tracking, organizing, and approval of applications, reports, and other crucial grant data.
  • Software Solutions To Manage The Committee – XDuce creates specialized nonprofit board and committee interaction software that makes it more simple for users to handle conversations, save and share documents securely, and schedule meetings either virtually or in person.


  • Solutions for nonprofits, religious organizations, and churches that are built on faith. Enabling NGOs to handle their logistical and human resource requirements.
  • Optimized enterprise workload management, SIP connectors, improved customer interaction, ACD modules, and more are all possible with automated calling and tracking software.
  • You can manage your online activities across many social media platforms thanks to our integration with your social media networks, which broadens your audience reach, exposure, and engagement.


Just tell us what you need, one of our qualified experts will recommend the best solution for your company.

Pricing can be challenging, even with an ostensibly straightforward pricing strategy. List down all your requirements and price will work accordingly.Make sure to get answers to any queries you have about pricing before receiving any bills.

The core of any organization is the contact database of members and donors, and that data needs to be secured. We can work with you to assess your existing security posture and discuss how we can enhance it together. We have years of expertise defending the priceless assets of non-profits from potential hackers and attacks.

Having a strategic partner can help your organization stand out in a crowded field of nonprofits. Enhance your non-profit IT services by collaborating with XDuce. Your non-profit may stay connected with the related network support services.

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