Healthcare organizations, including payers and providers, work tirelessly to achieve important goals, such as improving patient care, enhancing health outcomes, and lowering healthcare costs through healthcare consulting. Here at XDuce, our healthcare software development services assist forward-thinking organizations to achieve their objectives while maximizing Return on Investment because we fully utilize new technologies like Mobility, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence,, IoT, and Wearable.


The significance of improving healthcare operations to make them more effective, flexible, and inexpensive has been appropriately emphasized. Recently people have realized the real meaning of health and a lot of awareness is created all across the industries. The experience of supervising a large number of patients at once is not an easy task at all and one needs to have a well-defined digital system to deliver uniform service to all.

Life sciences businesses are currently dealing with complex issues which have added pressure to improve connections with customers as healthcare undergoes a digital transition. We can address the following needs by strongly combining art, science, and technology at XDuce:


A) Recognizing the after-effects of technology and knowing how to use it well. – This in-builts the confidence of the customers on your technology and they become more pro to use it again and again.

B) Fostering more individualized, client-centered relationships to increase consumer engagement and trust. – This will ultimately develop a life-long connection with your customers which helps to retain them.

C)Creating efficient brand strategies and communications to communicate with customers in channels that are appropriate and contextual. – This will help them to understand the product in a better manner and will create awareness among their prospects.

D) Effectively communicating their brand message across a variety of markets, cultures, and languages. – This helps the customers to grasp the message easily which makes them clear about the product and they might develop an interest to use the facility.


We help customers build custom healthcare software solutions to overcome the challenges of technological transformation both in daily and large-scale operations.

Hospital Information System
Patient Portal Development
Hospital Management Software
Healthcare IoT Solutions


We help customers build custom healthcare software solutions to overcome the challenges of technological transformation both in daily and large-scale operations.

Mobile Health
Internet of Medical Things
Artificial Intelligence
Cloud and DevOps


We assist clients in creating unique software solutions in the healthcare or insurance industry to meet the demands of technological change in small as well as large-scale operations. Our focus areas are to enhance the experience of customers, improving the service of care delivery and generating high value across the enterprise. Some of the technologies we have been focussing on includes below:

  • m-Health Application
    We work with you to create mHealth applications that are native to iOS and Android as well as cross-platform applications using React Native. Our UI and UX designers and engineers guarantee that your application is user-friendly and simple to use.
  • Managing Pharmacy
    Our pharmacy management solutions provide administrators with a high level of efficiency, accuracy, and security in processing, tracking, and dispensing all prescriptions. We create comprehensive solutions that streamline management from the point of sale (POS) to the backend and include features for order management, batching and barcode scanning, and loading data, among others.

  • Patient Management
    Enhance interoperability, improve revenue potential and reimbursement, and raise patient engagement and satisfaction are some of the major components of Patient Management service. Apart from this, it also includes functionalities like improving the productivity of the nurse/staff, automating the routine tasks of the patient, and improving the relationship between the service provider and the patient, all this while reducing the overall costs incurred to the patient.
  • Managing Patient Electronic Health Records (EHR)
    Electronic Health Records (EHR) improve the accuracy of patient health records by enabling improved diagnosis and treatment. We assist you in creating strong applications that seamlessly connect with the current health IT infrastructure.
    We at XDuce, assist you in enhancing the general patient experience by offering reliable healthcare app development services. So, do not hesitate to be part of this digital revolution.
  • Tracking Hospital Equipment
    To meet your needs, we can create software to keep track of the multiple equipment used in hospitals. Efficiency may be increased, and data management can be streamlined using this specialized healthcare software.
  • Managing e-prescription
    An all-inclusive, specially built software program that enables you to generate and manage paper prescriptions as well as electronic prescriptions using a centralized dashboard for optimizing pharmacy operations


Just tell us what you need, one of our qualified experts will recommend the best solution for your company.

Data security, user-friendly, easily comprehensible designs, taking into account the advisories of the target nations, and licenses for any third-party integrations are the major issues being faced by the healthcare and medical apps.

Healthcare software development has several advantages in this digitization era. The fact that it relieves the doctors' workload and enables them to provide good-quality care is one of the biggest benefits. By fully automating patient registration, form completion, record maintenance, file management, and data storage, healthcare software assists in reducing the amount of paperwork.

EMR software, medical diagnosis software, telemedicine software, e-prescription software, appointment scheduling software, medical billing software, and hospital workflow management software are some of the examples of Healthcare software.

Our portfolio includes a variety of custom developed, feature-rich medical software that are developed and deployed as per the client's specifications and provide a better user experience than their off-the-shelf software counterparts.

The size, feature set, platform, idea complexity, and many other factors , all affect how much a healthcare app costs. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to learn the approximate price of developing a mHealth app.

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