Our leadership is a team of focused and experienced visionaries who are determined to make a positive impact in the lives of our stakeholders and communities around the globe.

Our Leadership Team

We believe that it takes more than an idea to move a company ahead. You’ll require a well-coordinated and collaborative team with unrivaled engineering knowledge, inventiveness, and strategic leadership.

Jay Dave

XDuce stands for ‘leadership with the X factor’. We multiply client growth by X factor for their area of specialization. We invest in our people and our talent is always supplemented with new solutions, new technologies and the best practices.

With motivation levels at an all-time high, we believe in teamwork, a general sense of collaboration, and a strong ‘growth oriented’ approach for professional and personal development of our workforce. 

We have our four core values we call as QTPR: 

Right Quality | Right Time | Right Price | Right Resource

President & CEO

Vice President Global Delivery

Raj Rane


Ashwin Bedi

Sr. Director Finance

Prakash R.

Managing Director

Linda Merill

Managing Director

Alex De Witt

XDuce India

Praveen Singh

Sr. Director – HR, Compliance and Operations

Kaliprasad R.

Director – US HR & Operations

Amit Patel

Sr. Director – Strategic Resourcing

Vaidehi Patel

Director – Digital Transformation (DTS)

Sumit Ghosh

Sr. Project Manager

Kaushal Parekh

Associate Director – Client Services

Sr. Advisory

Leo Kogan

Sr. Advisor

Natella Shteyman

Sr. Advisor

Sandipan Kar

Sr. Advisor


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