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Custom Software Development Guidance 2022

Get to know the fundamentals of software development and learn how it can help businesses innovate and compete. Can it be customized? Learn how custom software development can benefits the businesses

What is Custom Software Development?

Our passion for creation is what drives us to help you transform your business and achieve success. We are an experienced software development team which concentrates on the latest technologies and practices to build innovative solutions for businesses like you. 

What is custom software development?

Custom software development is a process of building applications and solutions which are specifically made according to the needs of a specific business or a client. The software is meant to bridge the gap between your business requirements and the features provided by existing technology. As a team of experienced and expert software designers, we deliver efficient custom-made solutions following the best practices of agile software development.

Custom software development has two factors – software and development. Just as the word ‘custom’ indicates, it is a special product of software whose requirements suit or match a particular business, individual or organization. Custom software development is differently designed for different businesses and individuals.

The software development industry has taken a leap, turning the need to customize the application into a necessity. Due to the fast-paced nature of today’s business environment, understanding customer needs, delivering value through cutting-edge solutions and creating long-term relationships are some of the major challenges. Custom software development is a necessity because it enables organizations to develop applications that can help companies streamline their processes as well as provide competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Custom software is necessary for your company to function efficiently. Custom software development is a process of developing software that meets specific needs of a client. This process involves understanding client business requirements, conceptualizing a custom solution, designing a custom solution and finally, implementing it through programming and deploying it on the web servers or any other appropriate platform. In short, custom Software Development is nothing but development of software to meet the different corporate needs or meeting specific requirements of a client. Outsourcing software development services is gaining popularity as many small and medium-sized firms cannot play in the same league as big enterprise companies.

How does custom software development help businesses?

Many small businesses have a set of disparate systems that are underperforming or are working together in ways that don’t meet their needs. This can create confusion and poor experiences for the users, who might spend more time working with software and systems than actually performing the intended duties. At the same time, these businesses struggle to find a way to improve these areas of their business projects. However, there is such a solution — custom software development — which is a total solution for small businesses in terms of software requirements, designing and implementation.

Every business needs to customize software development if it’s to be used in an optimal manner. The things that a software should do for a business should be determined on the basis of its specific needs and tasks at hand. This is where custom software development comes into play, which possesses the necessary and desired applications for addressing any given set of requirements. The primary benefit of using custom software is that they are created according to businesses’ unique needs and can be told apart from a “commercial-off-the-shelf” (COTS) product, as they are more efficient, secure, easy to use, user- friendly and affordable.

Organizations that develop custom software enjoy a number of other benefits. These include streamlined processes, robust internal systems, higher employee job satisfaction and morale, and reduced costs. Custom software pays for itself by saving your organization time and money. It can also help you create a competitive advantage by providing solutions to problems that off-the-shelf solutions cannot solve. Organizations that have tried custom software have seen tremendous increases in efficiency and profitability. Using off-the-shelf solutions is more expensive than you may think. In fact, COTS solutions are often detrimental to your organization.

One of the biggest challenges to today's businesses is retaining their competitive advantage from unrivaled service and product quality, as well as increasing profits by increasing potential customer base. In order to increase profit and provide a smooth experience for customers, custom software development has become a must for most successful businesses.

We offer a wide array of custom software development services including custom website development, mobile applications development, industrial automation, etc. Our expert team will quickly assess your business needs and provide you the right solution in order to achieve your goals with less time and cost. That's how we help businesses to build strong brands and get a competitive edge over their competitors.

Looking for an expert team to develop custom software for your business? Want to build something tailored to your company's needs? Don't delay and contact our custom software development experts to discuss the project you need developed.

Why is custom software development important?

At present, technology is a key driving factor of overall business growth and development. Modern organizations rely heavily on a range of software platforms to help them continue their daily business operations. This means that software ends up being the cornerstone of any business structure, no matter the size or scope. Businesses need the best software to continuously meet their goals, expand margins and win new customers. As a result, there's an ever-increasing demand for better software solutions. However, finding high-quality, custom software development services isn't easy. You need to look into several factors before selecting a reliable team of marketers who can develop innovative software solutions that are a fit for your business needs.

Intelligent software is critical to any business's success. Its initial value comes when it saves you time or connects you with new customers. If you want to achieve more and drive your business, you need the best custom software solutions. With our software development team on your side, you can enjoy exceptional results and seamless operations. We develop top-notch software that is customized to meet your customers' unique needs. Improve productivity, boost traffic, and leverage the best software solutions we put in place. You can even use our quantifiable metrics and trackable performance indicators to measure our progress over time. Outsource your software development needs to us and see unmatched business growth.

Customized software can support your business's overall strategy and help you achieve more in less time and with fewer resources. Let's take a look at 5 reasons why customized software development is important in the present-day business scenario.

    • Low-cost:
With increasing business competition and always an eye on client's budget, software development companies are offering customized solutions for your business. Custom-made software is a much better choice when you have specific business requirements to be met and do not want to compromise with the quality of the product. Since it is customized software, you do not need big development costs or hardware investment to install that software in your organization.
    • Reliable:
Customized enterprise applications are the best in safeguarding your company's confidential data. With growing technologies, it has become quite easy for hackers to steal and misuse data of any company so it is essential that companies should think of advanced ways to secure their confidential data.
    • Real-time Analysis:
Organizations today depend on their collected data to achieve their business goals. The use of customized software can help businesses in keeping track of crucial information and provide real-time updates to meet all their needs. You can rest easy knowing that your data is safe, secure, and readily accessible at all times. Moreover, customized software is the most efficient and effective way to manage all of your critical business data.
    • Fewer drawbacks:
If your company is facing some complex problems which cannot be resolved with the traditional applications, customized software provides a solution. Since the digital era has commenced, enterprise app development has become a top requirement for every company, large or small. It has gained popularity owing to its uniqueness in fulfilling business requirements, allowing employees to access all necessary information in one part of the system, and also because of its customization options. It provides great security and permits better tracking of customer data along with statistical information. Custom software development has fewer drawbacks or complications as compared to ready-made app solutions.
    • Increases Overall Productivity:
In today's fast-paced world, time is money and every minute counts. With custom software development, your employees will be more productive by getting rid of repetitive and error-prone tasks. They can also free up their time for other high priority tasks which will help you meet various business objectives more efficiently as compared to a typical off-the-shelf solution.

Custom software has immense potential because it is tailor-made for your organization. When you get a custom software developed, the developers work with you in formulating the system and can make it easy for your organization to adapt to change. An enterprise can hire dedicated programmers and software architects to create software tailored for the needs of the business.

Want to develop custom software that can improve your business productivity? If your answer is yes, then you will be glad to know that we are one of the best custom software development companies that can help you boost your business!

What is the Custom Software Development Life Cycle?

SDLC is a process of development and enhancement carried out by an organization upon its software that includes the procedures and templates used to produce new or updated software. In fact, it has been viewed as a necessity by most organizations these days to be able to offer complete software solutions to their clients. This approach helps achieve efficiency, consistency, usability and security of the final product.

Software development life cycle comes to be a major factor when choosing a software development partner. As a matter of fact, the whole process is quite important as it includes all the stages necessary to deliver a custom product that fills a specific need in the market.

Every custom software product development process is essentially a custom-made journey, starting from the very early stages of brainstorming and development until the final stages of delivery and launching. The aim of any iterative development methodology is to ensure on several occasions that the final product is exactly how our client imagined it. Without getting into applying all the required design related practices and adding excessive complexity to the overall process, let's focus on custom software development stages most commonly used by today's custom software developers.

What are the benefits of SDLC?

The SDLC, or Software Development Life Cycle, comprises a series of standard steps through which software moves from conception to completion. Although steps within the SDLC have undergone some changes over time, the overall process remains the same. Initially created by IBM consultants as a way to streamline software development and reduce time-to-market and costs, it quickly became accepted by the commercial software industry.

The software development life cycle can help build better applications. Deterministic planning, structure and flows are inherent to the SDLC - without it, the application development ends up being needlessly inefficient, affecting the progress of the work at hand. Defining your own SDLC lets you closely follow it to create a structure throughout the entire process. This structure helps you check your work and allows you to ensure that everything has been done correctly.

Software development life cycle models (SDLC) are methodologies that, when used in conjunction with a software design, encompass the entire process of developing software. These models help ensure that a new application is developed correctly as it passes through various phases by giving each team member clear steps to follow.

Custom Software Development Lifecycle

software development life cycle
    • Requirement Gathering, Analysis and Planning:
Gathering requirements, analyzing trends, planning implementation process — all these routine tasks are needed before product development actually starts. The first phase of software development does not only include analyzing the project's assumption and writing of the software specifications, but also all the necessary steps for defining the project goals and objectives. At this stage of application development, you should research all modern technologies so that you can choose the most suitable one for your project.

    • Design:
After considering your business requirements and doing a thorough analysis the design team develops an information architecture model and network diagram that represents the structure of your system. The entire user experience is considered in this phase of the software development life cycle. The user's journey from one point to another is taken into account, as well as which buttons to click, how to select items, etc.

The Design phase of SDLC (Software development life cycle) helps in creating a prototype that will be further used for later development. This phase of SDLC is used as a platform to remove the level of difficulty during further activities like coding, testing and deployment. It is well said that if you don't get the structure right, there are high chances that you will end up with a mess. This phase of SDLC helps you to provide format and framework to your application so that it won't be difficult to implement at later stages.

    • Coding and Development:
The development phase is the most crucial and challenging phase of the software development life cycle. Choosing the best software development life cycle methodology for your organization is crucial to the success of a project. When it comes to software development, Agile and Waterfall are two of the most popular process models. However, there are pros and cons of each model as well as factors that help decide which model best fits your project.

    • Testing and Integration:
The post-development phase is known as software testing and integration phase. It's the last procedure of software development life cycle. During this stage, software engineers (QA testers) try their best to make the final product bug-free by testing it from different perspectives. They need to test it for interoperability, fix errors, and check that every requirement built into the final version matches the originally defined requirements. All components of software have to be brought together in the testing and integration phase where all the departments coordinate well with each other to deliver an outstanding application.

    • Deployment:
When a company adopts continuous deployment, any sort of release automation tool will improve software delivery. There are several teams that are involved in the installation and deployment process of software. In small teams, typically these team members will be involved in deployments, while in big enterprises they usually have their own jobs.

If you are still struggling with the release cycle of your development team, then there are a lot of application release management tools that will automate the deployment process and make things easier for your software testers.

    • Support and Maintenance:
Maintenance and support of your software solution is as important as development. As a software development company, we at XDuce are well aware of the fact that each phase in the software development lifecycle has a significant impact on project success and the maintenance phase is no different. You may be tempted to skip maintenance and support of your software solution, but we advise you that maintenance and support is just as important as development. Our software development team is highly skilled in all phases of the software development lifecycle, and we pride ourselves on our superior maintenance procedures.

If you want your software solution to be successful, it's important to maintain and support it. You should take advantage of our maintenance services at XDuce. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who will take care of all your service needs, so your software solution always performs at its best.

Keys to effective custom software development

Custom software falls into two categories: custom development and custom integration. Custom software is developed from the ground up to match a specific need. Custom integration delivers software functionality by using an existing application as a starting point and adding new functionality needed to complete the task. In most cases, custom software is the best fit for solving specific business problems. The development and maintenance cost of custom-made software is also lower since you aren't paying for every feature that may never be used or tested by your organization. Custom software enables your business to get the flexibility it wants, while at the same time avoiding costs from building and maintaining it in-house.

Custom software development services accelerate product development, improve quality and mitigate risks. These are beneficial cost-saving services that happen to be in high demand today. Let’s look at keys to effective custom software development.

  1. Identify your unique business goals: Custom software development is a great option for building a complicated solution to your unique business challenge. But like anything, it still takes work and a little imagination to make something great. The first step is to validate that a custom solution is right for you and your business really needs one. Also, custom software development is often a lengthy, expensive, and challenging project for businesses. But it can also be the only way to reach your goals when packaged solutions just aren't cutting it. The trick is knowing what custom software development entails, who should tackle it, and figuring out how to avoid costly mistakes — including being overambitious with the scope of your project or biting off more than you can chew.

  2. Determine Effective Planning Strategy: Implementing custom software should be approached from an objective standpoint and conducted with a step-by-step approach. This is necessary to ensure the success of the project and to ensure you get what you need. If you're not customizing your applications for unique business processes, you're missing out on the benefits of greater work efficiency, standardization, and capacity for growth.

  3. Decide whether you plan on integrating new software with an existing one: Every business has different needs when it comes to handling information and data specific to an industry or line of business. This is why custom software development is becoming and has always been in higher demand as compared to off-the-shelf (OTS) solutions. Also, developing custom software is so much more than just mastering coding or developing. You must also meticulously ensure that it will meet your business needs. This means you should consider other crucial factors such as ease of use, scalability, and the ability to integrate easily with other existing software. Moreover, Custom software development can be the key to improving your business processes by replacing or helping consolidate existing solutions. Custom software can create efficient, transparent processes that your employees will actually enjoy using.

  4. Assess your new software scalability scenario: Many businesses adopt Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for its ability to manage core functions, like financials, human resources, manufacturing, and supply chain. But as companies continue to scale their operations and gain access to new business channels, custom software development may be the ideal strategy for handling growth-related requirements like web sales tracking or product management tools.

  5. Hire experienced & reliable development firm or developers: Custom Software Development is a great way to help start-ups and turnarounds from struggling. Replacing expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone processes, they can save you money while improving service. A skilled software development company like XDuce can help identify the right solution for your business at a lower cost than buying up front. It may be one specific application, or it might be a number of applications that replace or consolidate what you have now.

  6. Try to follow the initial project timeline: Creating custom software for your business has numerous advantages. First, you will be able to provide new opportunities to your customers and control the efficiency of business processes. Second, you will improve your competitive advantage in existing and new markets. However, creating custom software is not an easy task: you need to find experienced programmers, discuss technical details and budgets, and finish the project on time and with proper functionality. And that's where we can help.

  7. Stick to your original development plan: The challenge when writing software is that what you start with may not be what you end up with. Requirements change, code has bugs, and those bugs need to be fixed. This often leads to the need to modify existing code. And having the correct system in place for handling this is a key part of developing effective software.

Does my company need custom software?

When deciding whether or not your company needs custom software, it's important to carefully consider both short-term and long-term requirements. While custom software is often a good solution for a specific business need, it can be an oversimplified and risky choice for a long-term business strategy. Business software has become a crucial, complicated part of running a business. If you don't have the right solution, your business is going to end up at a disadvantage. You can't always tell how much a piece of software will cost until you see all the features and requirements. It's also important to take into account what your needs will be in the future, so that you're not purchasing obsolete software that requires constant upkeep.

Many small businesses start out using software that's been developed by other companies – software that they do not own and are not in control of. Yes, all that shiny, new-out-of-the-box software looks exciting at first, but before long, your growing business realizes it doesn't meet all your needs. Your business has outgrown the customizations, complicated interface, and flexibility restrictions. Now it's time for you to consider a better approach to software.

It takes a thoughtful and careful evaluation to determine if your company needs custom software. Before you begin looking for the perfect software development company, you should examine your objectives and goals, research the market, and compare companies' offerings. By working with a reputable software company like XDuce, you can create an IT (Information Technology) solution that sets your business apart from its competitors.

Assess your existing systems: Your business is unique, and there are thousands of applications on the market, both off-the-shelf and custom software. When thinking about a custom solution, the key is to remember that designing a software solution for your business fits into your existing business processes. So, make an inventory of what you currently need – and don't need – from your software, whether it's off-the-shelf or custom.

Decide your budget: If you have the budget and resources to build a custom solution then you have more options available to you. A custom solution isn't just limited to software but could be a host of other technologies which all need to be combined. That's why it's better to build in-house technology as close and integrated to your business as possible. As long as your needs and specifications are detailed very well before starting, this is a much better option than buying a prebuilt solution.

Decide between custom software and off-the-shelf software:

Perhaps the most important strategic decision that a company can make is whether to develop software internally or outsource its development or get ready-made software. The choice between custom software writing and off-the-shelf software depends on several different factors.

Why go with a Custom Software?

Flexible: The beauty of custom software is that it can be tailored to fit any need you might have. As a business owner, you have a variety of needs, which are going to be different from those you see in your competition. This is why most general off-the-shelf applications usually fall short - because they are not capable of providing you with the extra functionality your business demands.

Scalability: Scalability is a key feature of custom software. If your business is growing at a quick rate, you don't want to be limited to scaling your software. When your business is changing fast, and you need to keep up with the evolving needs. Developing a custom software solution allows you to scale your business faster than using existing platforms.

Cost-effectiveness: Businesses that grow and dominate their field do so in part by integrating several tools into a single custom-built software solution. Combining several tools into one solution will not only save time and money, but also improve productivity and reduce inefficiencies.

Innovation: The tech industry is a constantly evolving space. Running any successful company means you need to be on the keep up with the times. Innovation is important for a business so it can continue to provide value and thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Why go with an Off-the-Shelf solution?

Turnaround: If a company wants to start small and scale faster, they need to find a quick and more cost-effective way to meet their demands. Developing custom software is time and resource intensive, which means it isn't feasible for small companies. Increasing order capacity is the only solution for increasing your customer base.

Resources: If you're bootstrapping a business, spending money on custom software might not be one of your top priorities. When you're just starting out, it's likely that your resources are limited and that the main concern is to get customers.

Redundant: Most businesses require a certain set of functionalities. It doesn't make sense to waste time creating something that already exists.

Going with the right solution

Should you choose to build the software in house using your team, or hire an outside consulting company instead? That's a question every owner has to ask themselves. Using the right strategy can help your organization decide which is best for your situation.

Building a custom software solution is no easy feat, and you will likely need to hire an outside software developer to pull out all the stops on your project. You can expect that you will be doing a lot of upfront legwork, including budget and market assessment, choosing the right platform and orientation for the project, overall conceptualizing, and business modeling, as well as primary and secondary requirements gathering.

Custom Software Development Solutions for Business

Software development has brought tremendous growth for businesses who have embraced it. Custom software development is the specialized form of software engineering that creates custom made applications that cater to the needs of said businesses. Businesses with specific needs depend on this type of software development to create efficient and effective solutions. This allows them to expand their business and in turn generate more profit through increased sales and productivity.

Businesses know that the key software systems are those that bring them revenue. Whether you're creating a new solution, or improving an existing one, custom software development can provide a competitive edge to any business.

Building custom applications is a complex task. It calls for experienced developers with in-depth knowledge of a wide range of software languages and environments, industry expertise, and efficient project management skills to ensure smooth implementations of software solutions.

If you're looking for a custom software development company, XDuce can deliver customized apps for all of your business needs. We have developed over custom software applications that are being used by businesses throughout the world. With our vast experience, we will work with you to build the best solution to meet your organization's objectives.

    • Start-ups;

Having an idea for a startup is just one thing, but what do you do when it comes to implementation? How do you make your idea come to life, and how can you turn your vision into reality? The road is challenging and you need to consider the possibilities that exist when you consider custom software development solutions for start-ups. With the right developers on board it becomes possible to bring your idea to life and grow exponentially. If you're looking to create a scalable and robust startup, then we are the ones for you.

For a startup that has just begun to get off the ground, discovering its identity will be even more critical. The direction in which you establish yourself is a clear indication of your direction towards future success. Employing a professional software development service can help you deliver your product or idea on time and within budget. It’s crucial you not only get your startup built, but also to the level that has it automated with the most efficient systems.

    • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs):

As an ISV, your success is contingent on attaining tight deadlines and meeting the quality specifications of your customers. These two factors can prove to be fatal for ISVs since they may earn goodwill and appreciation from clients at a particular point in time but they may lose the same client later on due to poor product quality.

If you're an ISV, chances are that you're getting your share of hurdles. You're doing everything from development to marketing, and you're facing strong competition from larger established companies. That's why you need a partner who will support you from the initial idea to fruition. XDuce is a well-known vendor that has provided successful outsourcing solutions to numerous ISVs.

With XDuce's software development services, ISVs find the ability to focus on their products and customer relationships. We help them with the development of small to large size projects. Our team of experienced software developers provide end-to-end solutions to our clients, right from an idea to a fully functional application. The agile software development techniques we follow ensure that we deliver exceptional end products within the proposed timelines and budget.

    • Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs):

As a small business owner, you have enough to worry about without having to manage software updates, support calls, and training users on new tools. You also likely don't have the time or expertise to develop software that automates tedious tasks, and increases efficiency and productivity.

At XDuce we believe that custom software gives you the opportunity to augment your current business plan, fine-tune your website's performance, maintain a solid partnership with customers and vendors, and optimize every employee's contribution to your bottom line. And when you need a professional partner to understand everything from the big picture to the smallest detail, you can trust us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With expertise in healthcare, legal services and retail industries, our team has honed their skills at making custom software development for SMBs a priority.

    • Digital Business:

Today, technology is changing the digital landscape and the competitive dynamics in an unprecedented way. And technology alone can neither protect your business from risks and challenges nor bring excellent results. In these circumstances, your organization needs a solid IT foundation to grow. With custom software development services, XDuce’s goal is to transform the way you do business.

No matter what kind of niche you are in, or what services you provide, custom software development is a mission-critical activity. You might feel overwhelmed with too much technology to learn. Or overwhelmed with the notion that you need to catch up with digital transformation to stay on top of your market. Software development services make all the tech challenges easy, and become a springboard for business growth.

A business’s digital transformation is at the heart of organizations' digital efforts. This can be achieved by constantly upgrading their technology and platforms with new, more innovative functionalities. One such way to achieve this objective is by developing custom software applications.

If your company is drowning in data and in desperate need of a digital streamlining, you have already arrived at the right place. Our custom software development services include development, maintenance and support of business systems, conducting IT research, enterprise-level cloud solutions and digital transformation.

    • Enterprises:

A company's business takes a profound turn when the enterprise software becomes crucial to its operations. And while it can be overwhelming to carry out a successful enterprise software development project, it also provides an opportunity for businesses to achieve growth through new software solutions and upgrade existing systems.

Enterprise software development has always been complex. With the rising complexity, you need a team of experienced software professionals that is backed by a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach and proven methodology. We have hands-on experience as enterprise software developers and architects - we cooperate with your business partners to create customized software development solutions.

Custom Software Development Services From Dedicated Developers With Vast Industry-Specific Experience

If your business is like many other businesses out there, you are likely facing a lot of challenges and roadblocks due to the antiquated solutions in place. It would ease your operations exponentially if a few new tools were integrated into your workflow. In this scenario, off-the-shelf software is not an ideal solution because it rarely adapts immediately to the unique requirements that can vary wildly from one business to another. Ready-made software is only right for developing generic solutions and not for each organization. Custom software development services offer you the best of both worlds since they are a blend of off-the-shelf solutions along with custom solutions to cater to your particular business needs.

Often, it is much less expensive and more productive to hire a software development company to create custom software specifically for your business. For example, creation of unique mission-critical software for your organization can significantly reduce operational costs and increase automation. After all, the customized software will be a better fit for your requirements than the off-the-shelf solutions that are not tailored to your industry’s specific needs.

A customized software for a business provides viable functionality, appropriate data security and user-friendliness. Our software developers have built manifold technological solutions for big and small businesses over the course of many years. The dedicated team consists of talented developers who boast years of experience in building cutting-edge software solutions and web applications for various industries. In other words, our experts are ideally suited to complete any additional requirements which go beyond providing general app customization services.

    • Custom App Development

Custom application development is an integral part of your online presence. It helps you achieve your business objectives and enhance your productivity by addressing the unique requirements of your business. Custom application development needs careful planning, close coordination of project details and offers a variety of customization options. For this reason it is important to work with a team that has extensive knowledge in custom application development.

Our development team at XDuce delivers custom mobile application development services that give you bespoke Android, iOS, cross-functional and AI-based apps at affordable rates. We understand the importance of meeting timelines, assessing the constraints of working in a multi-device environment, integrating latest technologies into your product, and maintaining high standards of quality.

    • Application Migration and Reengineering

Businesses today must harness technological innovations as they have an important role in streamlining their operations. Also, the unprecedented pace at which innovations are springing up in the world of technology, it is now necessary for all sizes of businesses to upgrade their business software applications at regular intervals.

Application migration is an important part of software development. It is a process which allows both new and existing applications to take advantage of better technologies, strategies, and services.

Also, businesses often opt to re-engineer their legacy systems in order to continue running them without interruption while being able to introduce new technologies into their infrastructure that are more suited to their business.

Whether you're undertaking an enterprise-wide application migration or looking for a new product that will streamline your operations, the results of a properly executed software migration can be more than just a reduction in cost. Our expertise in migrating complex software won’t just save you money and effort, it will also significantly reduce the risk of your application getting stuck on the way.

Our engineers are highly skilled in undertaking complex database and API to API migration projects which need complete re-engineering of the application to function in its new environment. We can help you with a wide range of technology migration including WordPress to Joomla and vice versa, Asp to SharePoint, SharePoint to PHP, Asp to Asp.net and much more.

    • SaaS Applications

There is no doubt in my mind that SaaS applications are the future of business. The way they streamline operations, empower teams and deliver powerful functionality at a rate which can't be matched by legacy software means companies are moving to SaaS at an unprecedented rate.

We offer SaaS Software Development Services to improve your customer's experience with your product or service. We have applications that span a variety of industries, such as ecommerce, healthcare, retail, education, nonprofits and so much more. By combining the latest design and development technologies with the agility required to shift to a subscription-based model, we have what it takes to make your business a success. We implement complex integrations, design high-quality user interfaces, build industry-specific applications and establish secure networks. We're an enterprise-grade software development company whose team experts are passionate about solving your most critical business problems with enterprise-level apps that optimize your core operations.

    • UX/UI Design

Many business owners and managers underestimate the relevance of UX/UI design for their business. UX/UI Design is not about pleasing infinite numbers of users, but it’s about improving their experience, client outreach and improving sales within any given product or platform.

From user experience to user interfaces, we have all it takes to make your brand story a success. Our dedicated digital transformation team helps you create the best possible user experience for your brand, products, and services through ethnographic activities: Design Thinking workshops, surveys and online thought galvanizers; enhance usability: Usability Testing, User Interface (UI) Design Reviews, Comparative Testing; build social proof: video case studies, testimonials or reviews; optimize conversion: A/B testing. Hence, when you want to design an online presence that gives your customers an engaging and satisfying experience, you reach out to us at XDuce.

    • Full-Stack Software Development

The term Full Stack development basically means that you have someone to handle every part of the development, right from its inception to the final product. It helps with ensuring that your project is developed exactly according to your vision and standards, challenging each other while following a limited budget. With XDuce's experienced technology leaders, you get the required and desired results with genuine efficiency. We offer cost-effective Full Stack software development services that are easy and quick to implement with great effectiveness, factoring in and delivering on all aspects as per your convenience. Our full-stack development services include Front End, Back End, Database Management and much more.

    • Implementation & Deployment

The implementation & deployment of a well-designed, enterprise-level system is vital for a successful business. When you put dozens of applications together, it's easy for things to break. It doesn't matter whether they're on-premise or in the cloud, if they're not properly managed, there are endless opportunities to cause errors. XDuce has the ability to manage these environments with ease and precision — that is why we've been recognized as a top application implementation and deployment vendor by our partners.

Too many companies fail to think about application deployment and implementation at the start of their project, thinking only about wireframes and prototypes. Using only top-tier resources paired with the latest technology and tools, we deploy technology in all environments, from client sites to VMs—allowing your team to focus on other areas of operation. To learn more about how XDuce can provide that all-important implementation & deployment service for your application, get in touch today.

    • API Development & Integrations

Custom APIs act as a bridge that securely consolidate the functionalities of your application with new and in effect third-party systems. And integrating APIs into your application can have major benefits for your business – it can help you become more agile, operate more efficiently and provide better products for your customers.

When building a product or service, integration is a crucial part of success. Integrating your product with existing business systems like Salesforce and integrating to third-party APIs is a way to harness the power of that data and feature sharing in your application. We offer a portfolio of services ranging from integrating a business process to creating data bridges between various systems which support a range of protocols.

We provide a wide range of API integration services for .NET, Java, PHP and other projects. And we use the most innovative technologies like AngularJS, Node.js, Nodeclipse and other frameworks on a daily basis to deliver quality applications on time. Essentially our team is a super assembly of experts from different fields comprising front-end developers, back-end developers, infrastructural engineers and testers.

    • System Integrations

System integration is a critical yet complex task that requires careful planning, significant effort, and teamwork to effectively execute. Effective system integration is an overarching priority for enterprise IT, because it enables the systems it supports to work seamlessly together. We have a proven track record of supporting and implementing mission-critical applications and leveraging the latest technology in all major industries around the globe.

The software system integration services we offer as part of our System Integration solutions are based on the industry-proven best practices, 10+ years of implementation experience, and an in-depth understanding of client requirements. XDuce has a broad suite of system integration services that provides end-to-end solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Analytics & Information Management and Infrastructure Management. XDuce is a partner trusted by customers across the globe to deliver end-to-end solutions that are in line with business objectives.

    • Application Maintenance

Maintenance strategies often get overlooked because the success of a software application is often viewed strictly from the perspective of launch of new features. The greatest challenge in today's fast moving applications development paradigm is to ensure that high quality software applications continue to be relevant over time and evolve as per the latest industry standards.

Application maintenance shouldn't be limited to just running backups and doing patches. It can be so much more than that. At XDuce, we go to great lengths to provide you with a more comprehensive solution. Whether this means taking on active maintenance, error fixing, augmentations, end-user support service and training — or all of these services together — we're here for your application's every need!

Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software Solutions has been a lucrative business venture and entrepreneurs are tapping into it to serve their clients with full dedication.

Businesses, irrespective of the size, must have their own means to gather and analyze data in order to make informed decisions. The problem with mass software is that they are designed for generic use which may or may not fit your situation well. But custom software solutions are tailor-made to fit your business perfectly. There is absolutely no skill required to implement a custom software solution because it has been developed live with you guiding the way through user-friendly interfaces.

Custom software solutions have the power to solve your problem of outdated and disorganized data storage, boosting efficiency and growth of businesses, improving customer experience and increasing revenue. These versatile solutions can be implemented in almost every industry – including HR, manufacturing, supply chain management, accounting, marketing and many others.

Businesses all over the world benefit from custom tailored software solutions because it helps in reducing time and cost for business owners.

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

Every business has customers, and those customers have to be dealt with efficiently. The sales and the marketing departments should communicate effectively with the customer departments so that there is no confusion in the minds of the customers about their products or services. But again, a big organization has multiple branches in several countries and these customers need to be handled by different departments. This leads to loss of paperwork and errors. This is where customer relationship management (CRM) software comes into the picture.

CRM facilitates better management of your business, increase in sales and growth at the same time simplifies your daily operations. It helps organizations identify opportunities and improve customer loyalty, order management and sales. It gives timely and accurate information to the decision makers, so they know how to sell more, sell faster, and grow the organization.

Businesses all over the world have understood the importance of implementing customer relationship management software solutions that are tailor-made for their organizations. It is meant to help a business manage its customers, as well as to track leads, sales and marketing as well. With this custom software, businesses can improve their sales channels, increase customer retention rates and improve sales metrics amongst other management functionalities.

XDuce’s CRM software is a complete package that helps you consolidate all customer information and increases your sales by helping you make well-timed decisions.

    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

ERP solutions can provide your enterprise with a single operating system for all business functions. This means you can integrate all of your processes, data and partners into one system to get a complete picture of where you are now, and where you're going next. No matter how big or small your business is, ERP solutions can help you get a clear overview of all your operations so you can make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

They provide the foundation on which you can build an agile and adaptive enterprise that helps your business and teams work faster, respond more effectively, and deliver great experience to customers. By implementing an ERP system and consolidating your business processes, you will have complete visibility into your organization and the ability to collaborate with all of your stakeholders.

Today, ERP solutions are built to be flexible and customizable to fit any industry or business. By helping your team take charge of the administrative tasks of your company—and empowering them with advanced planning and forecasting tools—your organization can focus on what matters most: moving your business forward.

Building successful ERP solutions also requires partners that understand your specific business process - whether it's real estate, health care, energy, manufacturing or retail. XDuce works with organizations to define the right solution and then helps them install the system.

    • Point-of-Sale/Payment Processing Solutions

Point of sale systems usually consist of software such as a point-of-sale database, along with a terminal. It can be used for cashless payments, credit card swiping, downloading inventory data to use in inventory control management and other things used for maintaining a successful business.

The point of sale (POS) system/payment processing solution is easily one of the most important parts of your business. It’s responsible for converting your customers from browsing to buying. Through its use, you can influence customer behavior and ultimately increase sales. Whether you're just setting up an online store or if your brick-and-mortar business is growing, there are a number of reasons why you should include a POS system in your business plan.

XDuce provides payment processing solutions that offer you a better POS terminal, better credit card processing and better overall service. Our suite of advanced technology solutions is designed to elevate your operation, grow sales and ultimately achieve your business objectives. We can help you fully automate your payment processing service and operations to reduce costs, improve security and minimize risk.

As an innovative, cutting-edge payments solution provider, XDuce has been recognized for providing the highest level of service and value in the industry. Our unique commerce solutions are deployed by innumerable businesses, serving thousands of locations under a single agreement. While at the same time creating a smooth and transparent payment experience between merchants and customers. For merchants partnering with XDuce, we offer all aspects of end-to-end processing that enable you to focus on your core business competencies.

    • IoT Solutions

The widespread success of the IoT solutions has proven their importance to every industry. It is no longer a matter of ‘if' but rather ‘how' and ‘when' they will be integrated with all areas of business.

The impact of IoT is clear: more efficient services and lower operating costs. The question isn't whether you'll already enjoy the benefits of this game-changing technology-but how quickly you can start harnessing its power.

Moreover, it is common knowledge that every segment in different fields is affected by the Internet of Things (IoT). Not just as a way to monitor and maintain, but also as a strategy for growth. Companies need to act now if they want to stay competitive in this age where innovation is key. Industries are in the midst of an IoT revolution and those who implement IoT solutions today will be first to market tomorrow.

IoT solutions are no longer a “nice-to-have” for start-ups or small businesses. Companies must harness value from the machine data now to deliver business outcomes in alignment with their business strategy and vision. A successful IoT implementation shifts your culture from managing products and services, to managing information from connected operational technology to gain business intelligence (BI).

Every business has to focus on core business strategies to succeed. IoT (Internet of Things) is one strategy that is here to stay. Internet of Things, when combined with Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain, brings forward the concept of IIoT (Industry Internet of Things).

XDuce has over 10 years of experience and expertise in developing customized IoT solutions for clients in a variety of industries. We are a global IoT solutions provider offering data collection and analytics, powered by advanced technology and skilled teams. We also have extensive experience in manufacturing, retail, smart cities, infrastructure, and predictive maintenance applications of the Internet of Things (IoT).

XDuce's solution aids customers in implementing end-to-end IoT solutions for gathering data from various devices and analyzing it for insights about your business. Our team understands the needs of businesses, making us an industry leader in building customized IoT solutions that grow with your business.

Software Product Development Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Choosing the right software product solution for your organization is not just about choosing technology, it is about having access to the best solution that will help grow your business and include every facet of daily operations that you need.

If you're looking to build next generation applications or software that is meant to solve complex business problems, you need the right business partner. For companies like yours, PLM development partners can help you innovate and develop cutting-edge solutions to enable your company to meet the demanding challenges of today's business climate.

The days of linear business solutions are over. Customers want personalized, one-of-a-kind experiences and products to meet any demand. The new paradigm shift in software development has created a need for newer and more effective solutions that address each step of a product's lifecycle, from inception and development to distribution and management. This evolution has not only created a host of new software solutions but also presented new challenges that businesses everywhere will be competing to overcome.

Product development lifecycle management (PLM) is an integrated process that includes requirements analysis, design and planning, engineering, production, and support. Each of these evolving phases in the virtual product development process involves tight integration with software and hardware. As a key component of any software development process, the PLM must be flexible, customizable, and integrated with the desires of all stakeholders. Moreover, the PLM aids in developing, deploying, configuring, and maintaining enterprise applications in an efficient manner. In short, the software product development lifecycle management (PLM) process is a systematic end-to-end approach to the software development process that provides traceability and quality throughout the life of a project. This approach makes sure that every aspect of a project, at every stage of its lifecycle, has proper planning, is properly implemented and has been tested to ensure both quality and compliance with standards.

Here at XDuce we believe that your business success depends on the deepest possible understanding of your specific industry and its processes. This means we do not shotgun your project. Our custom technology development process comprises 7 phases of development:

    • Planning & Analysis:

Companies often skip the brainstorming phase when planning a project. While idea generation is a creative process and essential to problem solving, brainstorming doesn't have to be reserved for only idea generation; it can come in handy whenever you're facing roadblocks during your project's life cycle. To gather all pertinent information and make informed decisions, collaboration amongst stakeholders is critical in the planning phase. At the end of this stage, a detailed scope of the work must be established that specifies what needs to be done, why it should be done and how it will be done. Creating a detailed Scope of Work (SOW) will ensure clarity and goal attainment within your team. Moreover, project planning requires a solid strategy and the right resources to ensure the project runs efficiently.

    • Design:

This phase defines how users will interact with your product, where you need their attention and how. The design process requires an array of different skills and an in-depth knowledge of UI & UX components. It’s pointless to enter the development phase without a high-level design for smooth product implementation. Upon being completed, this phase is crucial for obtaining positive reviews from users and having high rating scores on a variety of platforms and marketplaces.

    • Coding & Product Development:

Coding is the backbone of your product — it’s what makes your user experience seamless and enjoyable. Coding and Product Development when done correctly is a process that takes you from an initial idea to a working product. Having a clear vision of what your design and functionality will be ahead of time will help save you time and money. With software now being used by the majority of businesses, there are a number of methods and principles you may choose from when building a software product.

    • Product Testing:

Testing is necessary in every phase of software product development to ensure that bugs and failures are tracked down and fixed so that the finished product is fully functional. However, more in-depth testing of the completed product is required before deployment. This may involve a well-implemented beta test which is essential for creating a product that works the way that people need it to.

    • Deployment:

Deploying your product is the final step in the software product development cycle. Critically, it is important that you complete testing and that the product is bug-free before you release a version of your software for real users to test. Deployment begins with a release of your beta version product to live users and ends with the release of a finished software product to users.

    • Updates & Maintenance:

Updates and maintenance are an often overlooked but important aspect of Customer Success. With a successful software launch, the excitement over increased sales and revenue should not be overshadowed by bugs in your application and embittered customers who are struggling to get your software to work on their computer.

Your business needs the right software technology solutions. We are here to make sure you don't waste time, money, or resources on ineffective solutions. Our experience in developing cutting-edge software systems allows us to plan and deliver a solution that will enhance the way your organization communicates and processes information to achieve better results.

Application and Data Migrations & Upgrades

Database migrations often are not a priority for many businesses, yet they are essential. Few businesses are willing to risk downtime or even security breaches. So, many businesses work with database professionals like XDuce, who can help them avoid such problems.

Database migrations and upgrades don't have to be complicated, time-consuming, or risky. Instead of disrupting your business's operations and affecting productivity, let XDuce take care of your database migrations and upgrades for you so you can continue focusing on running your business.

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Software testing is a valuable investment that can make or break an application. When it comes to testing software, selecting the best approach, and deploying optimal toolset is absolutely crucial in order to ensure a quality product. We are offering our clients an array of testing methods which keeps them ahead of the competition. When you collaborate with us, you are empowering your business to get the newest versions of your applications or projects tested and verified that they are working without showing bugs or errors. This can lead to a much better development process, as well as a stable application for users after its live.

Your software is complex, and you need experts to detect defects before your users do. Eradicate bugs, ensure compliance to standards, minimize risks, and ensure quality in the development cycle. Our testing services can optimize your application's quality while reducing technical debt and long-term maintenance costs.

At XDuce, our defining vision is to accelerate your business growth by providing the right mix of software testing solutions that empower enterprises to conquer all types of applications – traditional as well as next-generation.

Off-The-Shelf Versus Custom Software

Software is no longer considered merely a tool for enterprise functions; it has now become an essential need of contemporary industries for performing all business operations. Custom software development has driven enterprises to the frontiers of technology, customer experience, user engagement, mobility, agile models and increased customer satisfaction levels rapidly and effortlessly.

And if you're in business, there's no way around it. You need to find solutions that will help you manage your day-to-day tasks and improve workflows across the board. It means constant searching for new and better software solutions, re-evaluating your current ones, and getting rid of those you now consider outdated or inadequate with the passing time.

Software development has changed drastically over the years. It is not about being just another million-dollar software product anymore but participating in building one of the most significant software products to make a big change in your customers’ life as well as organizations from all aspects – delivering innovations, bringing new ideas and making organizations run easily. Software development is no longer an engineering task; rather it is one of the main tasks to create a better world.

When it comes to software product development, there are two ways in which an enterprise can implement the process. They are Off-the-shelf versus Custom software development.

There are two types of software. Off-the-shelf (OTS), which is pre-purchased packaged software without any customization, and custom, which is a software customized to a business’s needs. The main difference between the two lies in their key features and compatibility with various devices, operating systems, and other software programs.

Although off-the-shelf software is undoubtedly a significant alternative to custom software, this is just a potential solution for doing a job and not the only one. There are even more important benefits of designing and building custom software which ensure that this option remains preferred by many thousands of IT professionals all over the world.

Whether you choose the off-the-shelf approach or the custom approach to software development, make sure your decision is aligned with your business goals.

What is Off-the-shelf software?

Off-the-shelf software is a standard application, usually commercial and packaged by the seller. It’s made for the majority of customers and features a comprehensive set of features for business processes.

Many businesses today still use off-the-shelf software to help run their operations instead of developing software in-house. Off-the-shelf software is one of the biggest IT growth drivers, as it enables organizations to purchase an inventory of pre-built applications at a low cost.

If you're looking to purchase off-the-shelf software, there are a few good reasons to opt for it instead of developing your own custom software. Here are some of the benefits of buying off-the-shelf software.

  1. Off-the-shelf software is a fully functioning application that has been pre-built. It's great for small and large businesses because it's affordable and easy to implement.
  2. For non-urgent situations, it is better to use ready-to-use software. Software packages often cover all users' needs and can save a lot of your time and money.
  3. In most cases, off-the-shelf software is available on a free or discounted trial basis, you can test it yourself and get a visual of how it fits into your workflow. There is no risk of purchasing software, you can simply test it out and see how it will benefit you.
  4. When you go with off-the-shelf software you can always refer to customer reviews and make an informed decision.

What is custom software?

Custom software development is also termed as bespoken software development and is primarily developed by in-house development teams or outsourcing development teams or providers. Custom software development is developed from ground zero and caters to a specific set of project requirements. And is exclusively built for a client's internal processes, business rules, organizational needs, etc. The process includes Stages of Development like Ideation, Designing, Coding, Deploying and Maintenance. Though it is referred to simply as custom software development for convenience, it may actually involve application modernization, application customization, and application management. Here are some of the benefits of developing custom software for your business.

Custom software development places special emphasis on identifying the exact needs of the end-users and allows for new customers to be brought into the organization.

  1. As custom applications are being built around your needs, they allow modifications and incremental additions as market trends and business landscape (including product features and functionalities) change over time.
  2. With custom software, integrating your system is smooth and seamless. Your business will enjoy many benefits in the long run like cost optimization and enhanced productivity.
  3. The ability to implement bespoke software also offers freedom from price liftoffs that can come about with licensing.
  4. Custom software development allows business organizations to address various functional areas and create platforms for effective operations.
  5. The custom application development services deliver effective tools to resolve the technical glitches in a timely manner so as to remove the security loopholes.

Off-The-Shelf Software vs. Custom Software Development

As the competition in business grows, manufacturing companies have to bring out software that can cater to the specific requirement of their industry. Every organization faces the predicament of whether to go with the off-the-shelf or the custom software.

Objective of Developing the Software:

Custom software development is the creation of new software or modification of existing software to meet a specific need. It can also be modifying existing code to create something new and innovative.

If you are opting for off-the-shelf software solutions for your business, then there is a high chance that the same software has been designed for many other customers.

Functionality of the Software:

Custom software can best suit the particular needs and preferences of a client better than any other type of software. You can tailor the software according to your needs, so that it meets all or at least most of them. It will thus save time and effort in developing software, which translates into savings for clients.

The main advantage of using off-the-shelf software is that it helps in getting things done easily. It alleviates the user from the task of developing the software from scratch and shifting it to the target workforce. Using off-the-shelf software is a cost-effective mechanism for businesses as it reduces software development costs and provides flexibility over changing business needs.

Software Development Costs:

Developing custom software for your business might sound expensive. But the truth is, some of the best software today is actually custom-made solutions. This is due to the fact that building or buying the tool to solve a specific problem can cost less than integrating it into an existing app later on.

Every business understands that speed to market has a lot to do with development cost. Many businesses choose to take the easiest route and go with off-the-shelf software.
However, product teams decide against developing their own in-house product for two main reasons:
1) It is cheaper to rely on third party solutions.
2) The value of their technology is worth more as it is proprietary and only they know how it works and benefits the business.

Need for Customization:

Custom software development enables changes and expansion as per your needs. It allows you to customize the software at the source level so that you can generate new features to fulfill any business requirements.

For a business that is growing or is set up to grow rapidly, it will often not be possible to make all the necessary changes using off-the-shelf solutions, and you might need tailored software development.

Development & Deployment:

Building custom software for a business is complex, time demanding, and high-end. This doesn't mean you shouldn't build one — more likely that it should be a long-term investment. The advantages of the custom software are indisputable, but only when your project is well balanced.

Off-the-shelf software saves time when it comes to its development and deployment. As it is readily available, businesses can easily install and get it ready to use.

Reliability on Vendors:

Custom software programming is a great solution for those who do not depend on software providers and want to build a particular feature. And you can hire independent developers or outsource your software development to competent development firms.

Off the shelf software is packaged to perform specific functions in an instant. But there may be situations where you need to add a custom feature for your business. Basically, these tools are not designed for every possible business need. Some of the off-the-shelf applications will only work for certain industries or customers. And for getting custom features, hiring a dedicated software development company becomes necessary which can be costly and time consuming.

Our software development and consulting services at XDuce help businesses build innovative and profitable solutions for their business problems. We will help you to define a strategy, conduct research, design, and develop the solution, and ensure that it meets your requirements. Whether you are building robust enterprise applications, providing secure and reliable web services, or just need some intelligent tools that make your job easier, XDuce can help.

Software Q/A Testing

In terms of software development, quality assurance (QA) is one of the most crucial processes. With it, you make sure that your product meets customer requirements and is good to use in any environment. Thus, it makes sure how effective your software will be in real-life scenarios, reducing the cost of future customer support and fixing bugs at an early stage of development.

QA is a complex process that requires testing and analyzing software from different perspectives. Whether the product is a smartphone game or an online project, you want to make sure that its functionality and usability are flawless and meet your customer's requirements.

Software quality is generally divided into two levels. The first level, called structural quality, guarantees that the product has the characteristics, functions, and features it is supposed to have. In other words, structural quality deals with what the software actually is. The second level covers functionality, data quality and usability. It addresses one of the application's main characteristics - its ability to be used by end-users to meet specific needs and solve specific tasks.

A common misconception about software quality is that it's only about the structural quality of the code. While improving structural quality will definitely improve the overall quality of your software, it by no means ensures its functionality. So, adding functional tests and having a dedicated QA team to look after them is a must have when talking about the quality assurance process, especially for web-based software. This means that performance and scalability testing might not be in the scope of QA teamwork.

We often hear the terms “software testing,” “software quality assurance,” and “software quality control.” In reality, these terms are not synonymous. The differences between the three include their goal, role, stakeholders, and methods of implementation.

    • Testing:While there are many types of software testing, such as functional and non-functional, black, and white box, regression and exploratory, the aim is always to identify defects in the code in order to provide the customers with the best possible quality product.

    • Quality Assurance:Quality assurance (QA) is the set of methods and processes used to ensure that a product or service meets its requirements. There are various types of QA processes, from the informal to the formal. QA aims to eliminate defects caused by faulty products or services.

    • Quality Control:Coding is the backbone of your product — it’s what makes your user experience seamless and enjoyable. Coding and Product Development when done correctly is a process that takes you from an initial idea to a working product. Having a clear vision of what your design and functionality will be ahead of time will help save you time and money. With software now being used by the majority of businesses, there are a number of methods and principles you may choose from when building a software product.

Software Testing In Effect

Planning a software test is one step that can make the difference between a high-quality test report and a simple output produced by someone's day-to-day activities. Plan your tests well and you'll be able to deliver results that contribute to improved software testing processes, reduce time spent on manual testing and will even increase your skill set as you gain more experience with the process.

The Software Testing Process is the backbone of any software development team. We at XDuce carry through three levels in the software testing process: planning, execution, and reporting.

    • Planning:

Testing activities are a part of almost every software development process. The Test Plan (or Test Strategy) is a formal document that specifies the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of the testing in more detail. It is created after analyzing the business requirements, user’s needs, as well as all risks and uncertainties which might involve projecting changes.

When it comes to creating software, there are a lot of tasks for which planning is necessary. One example is testing activities. The need for a thorough plan may seem obvious, but still, many companies don’t bother to structure the overall strategy and take testing as a mere collection of random activities. It doesn’t need to be so. There are proven ways to make sure your efforts produce the expected results and create products that meet all your customer’s needs and leave them happy.

A test strategy is a concise and actionable document that provides context and direction to the various testing-related decisions made throughout a project. Test strategies are usually created by test leaders or stakeholders involved in a certain project, not necessarily by all testing practitioners. Test strategies contain both macro-level considerations and micro-level tasks for the purpose of helping everyone understand, prioritize, and make informed judgment calls at every step along the way, from setting up the project in the first place to devising, executing, and maintaining plans throughout testing.

    • Execution:

Another essential aspect of test execution is setting up the test environment. The process of setting up the test environment basically means preparing the test team’s working station to perform testing. Test environment needs to be configured as close to the live environment as possible, so that testing results will be most accurate for users. The test team should treat this initial setup of their workstation as part of their preparation so they are prepared to handle any issue that might arise during the test deployment.

The whole process of setting up the test environment needs to be obviously documented, so that it can be followed anytime when a new test is being initiated.

    • Reporting:

There is no perfect software, and that's for sure. In fact, there is no such thing as “enough testing” in software development — this is an ongoing process. However, the exit criteria are what you should use to determine whether there was “enough testing.”

The testing phase’s outcomes should be evaluated and reported. This is done in order to define the increase or decrease of functionality, performance, and the quality of the product. The issues are logged, and the test summary report is shared with the stakeholders. The status report, including a timeline and a list of recommendations, is prepared for closing the testing phase.

As an independent software development company our services are intended to ensure that the software has passed all stages of testing as well as to ensure high quality and improve the efficiency of software implementation. Our company performs testing on every project independently, without fail. This guarantees the timely implementation of large-scale projects with a high load of customers' activity.

The software testing is a tedious process and requires thorough preparation, as well as a considerable amount of time. The main objective of software testing is to verify whether the created system meets its requirements and satisfies the needs of its users. There are certain checkpoints that indicate whether there was enough testing conducted. Our testers use these checkpoints to measure how much testing needs to be done in order to make sure that the project will deliver optimum performance and the specified functionalities of the delivered program will work properly and achieve the set goals.

Outsourcing for Maintenance and Management

Outsourcing IT company maintenance and management is a practice that has been around for years. Many companies have been doing it for the last two decades, with good reason. It helps companies focus on their business goals, cut costs and gain access to highly skilled professional staff at affordable rates.

Outsourcing of IT services is a powerful decision companies make, giving them possibilities to take their business to another level. It helps you save on company resources and costs, as well as providing you with a group of professionals ready to fulfill your IT needs.

As one of the first steps for a company to develop their IT strategy and make sure it's effective, outsourcing can be a snowball melting valuable time and resources from the precious development pool of your business. In the long run, a proactive and disciplined approach to outsourcing could make sure that almost all software issues are managed remotely by virtual teams, your own staff fully focused on their core project.

Experienced, professional, and dedicated support engineers working round the clock to handle your day-to-day software maintenance requirements. XDuce aims to reduce your overall cost of ownership and free you up from the mundane, time-consuming tasks involved with software maintenance and management of your existing business critical software.

XDuce’s Software Maintenance & Support Services: Our maintenance support services offer you the most comprehensive software maintenance and support options in the industry. By focusing on software environments that your organization is using, we can identify immediate needs and future demands.

Corrective Maintenance and Suppor:If you're frustrated with your software system, and you need help fixing the errors or bugs that may arise from using this software, then we can help. We help you fix all kinds of errors in your software system, whether they are programming errors, design errors, or some other problem.

Perfective Maintenance and Support:As a business owner, you understand the need for maximum efficiency, the avoidance of failure and the use of any current technology to your competitive advantage. For that reason, it is crucial to ascertain whether your enterprise bandwidth applications are running at optimum levels with the potential for further development and adoption of new techniques. We check your software for bugs and eliminate them.

Adaptive Maintenance and Support:For enterprise organizations like yours, transforming business processes is a major undertaking. Software maintenance encompasses the necessary modifications and revisions to make your software work for you in new ways. The following are some of the common changes that will happen to your software: - Changes in data format, localization, regulation, hardware configuration, support utility modification, and operating system integration.

Preventive Maintenance:We believe in preventing problems before they arise, which could mean better business performance and increased profits. Our proactive maintenance service will make your work more efficient and effective. We monitor your software weekly, and proactively repair crashes & bugs before your users even notice – that's one less thing for you to worry about.

XDuce’s Maintenance Process

Requirement Gathering:We gather all the implemented documentation and processes related to your software and determine maintenance objectives accordingly.

Software Evaluation:The most challenging activity in evaluating any enterprise software is understanding what it will do for your business. This will help us decode the objectives of the software, helping us understand how we can leverage an application's capabilities to gain competitive advantage.

Maintenance Approach:We determine the best maintenance approach that suits your business needs and optimize to accommodate your assent.

Analyzing Infrastructure Reliability:We evaluate software’s infrastructure to determine any possible unpredictable outcomes.

Software Testing:Once a maintenance approach is executed, it is tested comprehensively for stability, and should the need arise continued maintenance undertakings shall be performed.

Maintenance Reporting:Once a maintenance approach is confirmed, we keep a log of all the activities and their assessments.

Let XDuce provide the software maintenance for your mission critical information systems. Our team of experienced engineers will help you reduce software costs, improve productivity, and ensure higher margins for your business through the use of our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

5 Best Practices for developing custom software

The landscape of custom software has changed dramatically since the last decade and today, it has turned out to be one of the most important facets that determine the success of a business. But the important question here is “does every business need software?”

Well, the answer is “no,” as every business would have unique requirements to match, and a single software won’t be able to accommodate that. And this is where custom software development becomes crucial.

Oftentimes, companies have to rely on existing systems to run their day-to-day operations. As the number of demand curves increases with the complexity of the solution and its business requirements, many companies switch to complex integration solutions.

The growing complexity within organizations makes it necessary to have software that solves all the complexities in an effective manner. Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software is good for short-term gains but when there is a need for long-term deployment and future changes, the custom software is the best option.

Custom software development can enable businesses to meet specific goals and reach customers in a better manner with great user experience. That is to say, let’s look at best practices for developing custom software for your business:

Figure out potential future requirements

Business processes are the foundation for the software you develop. Evaluating these processes is important to understanding that your company needs custom software to manage and maximize their operations.

It's extremely important to have a good understanding of the current processes involved in your organization. The more you find out, the easier it is to have a clear picture of the potential hurdles and opportunities that may develop.

Partner with the best custom software development company

Software development is one of the core processes of modern businesses. At the end of the day, it's about providing value for your organization. So, choosing a software development company will mean everything for your business.

At times it can be difficult to know how to approach the process of choosing a custom software development team. There are several elements to consider, each of which could be especially important for your unique business requirements. Before making a decision on a Software Development Company, you need to check the credentials of the company, its clientele list, pricing model, and so on. All of this will help you make the final call.

Establish your unique needs and costs

Every software project presents a unique challenge to the development team. There are several factors to consider when building an application, including the budget, short-term and long-term goals, and the timeline. While the first two may be relatively easy to determine, the third is difficult to predict in advance. Do you want to hire an agency that gives you only results under a predetermined price range? Or would you prefer an experienced firm that would give you quality work at a reasonable rate? If you haven’t noticed, there is no right or wrong answer. Every client has their own perspective on the same subject. As such, for every project each development team should figure out a unique solution for it.

Implement relevant technology

For every business owner, everything revolves around efficiency. So, when you start to talk about custom software solutions and business automation, the question must be: Why would I need that? What benefits could it potentially offer my business? Will it actually save me time and money?

When you figure out what your business needs really are, you can then decide upon the right technology and team to complement it. Selecting the appropriate technology stack for your product may be one of the most important aspects and can benefit in the long haul. Moreover, the scope of development spans across multiple stages. You need to understand the right approach to take, so that your product scales up in terms of productivity, robustness, and reuse of code.

Stick to feasible milestones

When you start planning a software project, you need to make sure that the whole project gets finished within the given time period. You need to have feasible milestones which should be set considering the time it will take to complete the project. This can be facilitated by utilizing a checklist, thereby avoiding blunders at the end of the project.

Follow Thorough Testing Process

Every software application has a set of risks attached to it, especially if you are going to market it. To be able to avoid all such risks as much as possible and save your investment and potential future profits, you will need to hire the right team who can not only help you in the development process but also guide you towards the stables of quality assurance and testing.

Quality of software applications needs to be tested at every stage of development, right from designing your software application to post-launch level. The foremost step of testing is to check for all the errors and failures that are prevalent in the browser. The errors and failures are tracked, after which a check is carried out for their corrections. Time must be taken for some of the major bugs so that they can be resolved later on. This signifies that the most intricate part of this step is that not all the mistakes are fixed straight away. In addition, technical and user testing are the two levels of software testing that are followed. Technical testing is important for the developers and IT professionals to decide whether the essential element of software works appropriately. Whereas the second level or user testing is where company's beta users verify whether the software is functioning properly or not.

Maintain Proper Documentation

Documentation is crucial for successful implementation of new projects. As our team completes your web development needs, the documentation process begins by explaining the scope for each project as well as capturing planning and design decisions.

Documenting your process is one of the best practices for any business. It helps you to define your assets and value, it helps you deal with any staff changes in the future and helps you or your team learn what works and doesn't work – without having to conduct a tiny A/B test from scratch.

Trust our professional team to create the successful project you've envisioned. Our goal is to provide high-quality documentation at each phase of the design and development process. From user documentation to test reports and plans to status reports and more, we document the entire process of your product's development lifecycle.

Design, Develop and Maintain Custom Software Development Solutions

It's never easy to build software for business. It takes hours upon hours of brainstorming, interviewing, and testing with your end users before you even get to the development stage. With the increased competition and lack of commitment from buyers, building a viable product with a technologically innovative edge raises the bar for businesses of all sizes.

Building software for business is a long and difficult process. It requires several stages of planning and many forms of market research before you even get to the actual development. This can be a lengthy process, especially if large marketing campaigns are required and you have to take into consideration the nature of the product.

If you are looking to transform your business practices by creating a reliable software application – then you have come to the right place. Our custom software development services help you design, develop, and maintain software development solutions that help you drive business value. You can integrate new capabilities into your existing systems or create completely new software from scratch.

Further, we believe that technology implementation cannot be a one-size-fits-all process. That's why at XDuce, we leverage the power of technology to customize solutions for software development. We have over 10 years of experience in custom software development for various clients in multiple domains. Specializing in high-performance applications, we take an agile approach to software design and development. We put our focus on strategy, ensuring that each solution we build improves the business model of our client. Moreover, we build bespoke software solutions using advanced tools and technologies and have extensive experience in web application, mobile app development and software testing.

Design with XDuce

When you hire us for your software design, you can count on a lot of things. First, we'll focus on the big picture – what your goals are, who your target audience is, and how best to reach them. We'll talk about content, navigation, and all the other details. And once we agree on a plan, we'll take everything a step further by creating a wireframe. A wireframe is a low-fidelity version of the site's pages that shows the structure and layout of the site. This lets us focus more precisely on how each page should look. From there, it's our job to bring the vision to life. We work with you every step of the way so we can learn more about your business and build the right site for you.

Wireframes & prototypes:

Wireframes are like the skeleton of a website. We'll use both one-on-one interviews with stakeholders and competitor analysis to get a better understanding of what our users will want. After Wireframing, we'll refine our designs into working prototypes that reflect how your site will work. And then create high-fidelity mock-ups which give you a way to visualize how the software will look /function on screen.

Software’s UX Research:

User Experience (UX) Research is a process for understanding stakeholder needs and wants, as well as how a user might interact with a product or service. They are an essential part of our process. All too often, business requirements fail to consider users, leading to products that disappoint users, achieve less than expected adoption rates and fail to meet projected financial targets

User flow and navigation:

Finding the right user flow and navigation is key to creating a great customer experience. To make sure your potential customers are getting the information they need, we create different paths (or user flows) with real visitors. This way, we can test them out with actual customers and find the one that works best for you. After the first round of testing, we'll make changes and iterations until you have a user flow you're happy with.

Develop with XDuce

Software industry is growing and rapidly changing. At XDuce, we employ a team of experts with years of experience in software development to keep you and your company in step with the latest trends. We develop products that help businesses serve their customers better and offer them competitive advantage.

Software Product Development

Software product development involves developing commercial software, such as websites, web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, CRM platforms and other software applications. The goal of product development is to deliver a marketable, user-friendly, and engaging software product. XDuce provides outsourced product development services to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals by ensuring that the products they deliver not only have technical functionality but also look and feel like a professional product.

Custom Enterprise Application Development

XDuce is a provider of custom enterprise application development and consulting services. Further, we are adept at building custom enterprise applications with the latest technologies employed. With our industry-specific expertise, we help businesses enhance their performance and efficiency while reducing costs. Our custom enterprise application development services comprise software development, consulting, and application maintenance/support.

Custom Mobile App Development

Don’t let your business miss out on the growing popularity of mobile app development. Our skillful Android, iOS and Windows Mobile app developers are backed by extensive experience, who are committed to integrating any custom functionalities into your mobile platform.

Custom Web Application Development

We're a web application development company with an experience of more than 10 years and we build innovative web applications for various industries that include Healthcare, E-Commerce, Education, and many others. We help our clients bring their ideas to life in the most cost-effective manner by applying some of the latest technologies. Our development process includes gathering requirements, a technical architecture review, wireframes, and front-end development with the chosen stack of technologies.

Software Enhancement and Modernization

We are a software company who understand the importance of Software modernization and enhancement. We provide solutions that allow clients to use the latest and up-to-date technologies using their legacy system thereby extending its life cycle. Software enhancement and modernization has a long-lasting value for your business strategy. For example, SAP needs frequent enhancements to improve its functionalities in order to meet the growing requirements of the business world.

Maintain custom software development

Software maintenance is a critical, but often overlooked and underfunded area of modern business. We make your software maintenance activities easier and provide you with deep insights through data analysis. XDuce helps teams run their software maintenance program by providing tools for project management, software assessment, work order planning and execution, issue tracking, historical reporting, workforce management, and more.

XDuce enables you to get the most value from your software. We offer products, services, and custom solutions for software maintenance activities such as analysis, planning, governance, and more. Our goal is to help you manage your enterprise software portfolio with actionable insights from a single platform.

Multi-Level Support Solutions

Multi-level client support solutions are of paramount significance for any enterprise that depends on technology. It's essential to ensure that all IT operations are configured correctly. Our three-tiered client support solution helps your enterprise avoid bottlenecks, downtime, and the loss of data.

Mobile Application Maintenance

Mobile application maintenance services from our team of certified mobile app developers will ensure your web, native, hybrid and mobile web applications seamlessly continue interoperating with integrated web services. We deliver a suite of mobile application maintenance and support solutions to help your applications run smoothly, store data securely and efficiently, effectively bridge mobile devices to back-end systems and networks, provide best in class user experience and minimize uninstalls.

Web Application Maintenance

Website maintenance services are an oft overlooked aspect of web development, but without proper maintenance you run the risk of losing customers and earning a bad reputation. We help you maintain your web application on a regular basis to ensure that your site remains fast, secure, and functions correctly. Web applications need maintenance just like any other piece of software. But when it comes to web applications, there are a lot of moving parts to take into consideration. XDuce’s approach to web application maintenance will ensure that your website's services and applications are running properly in real time and 24/7.


Code-refactoring is a great way to improve the code you already have. We go through your existing programming logic and data schema, searching for inefficiencies and redundancies. Once we've determined these are present, we get to work by implementing fixes and improvements.


We have a talented team of software developers and designers who are dedicated to delivering outstanding software applications that solve business processes efficiently. 

Enterprise Mobility

Our practices and frameworks solve a number of common enterprise mobility issues faced by many enterprises deploying application-centric business processes. We provide our clients with state-of-the-art technology and strong project management especially when it comes down to Enterprise mobility. 

DevOps & Automation

Our DevOps and automation specialists help companies reduce the cost of app development and accelerate their time to market by creating automated processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness. We build custom tools that streamline software release processes, ensuring smooth and efficient application releases — allowing you to maximize your return on investment.

UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design team of skilled developers delivers custom interfaces and user experience designs at affordable cost to define your target audience. And create a long-lasting impression on them with every interaction. With our UX research and rapid prototyping + development pipeline, we work in close collaboration with you to deliver the finest products to you. 


Our consulting team acts as an extension of your business and is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of personalized service possible. We will work with you to reach your objectives, fulfil your vision, and make customer satisfaction a top priority. 

Data engineering

We know your business is driven by your data and it’s critical to use the correct tools and processes to ensure that data is secure, promoted and proliferated. We deliver end-to-end data and analytics services that help enterprises operationalize data and harness information to take informed decisions. 

App Modernization

Our application modernization experts will help you migrate your entire project portfolio while reducing your risk and enhancing your IT productivity. We will help you modernize your applications without disrupting business.

Outsource Custom Software Development

Whether it's a software patch or a corporate software development project, you can easily outsource it to organizations that are equipped with the right talent, resources, infrastructure, and processes.

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Latest Tools and Technologies for Custom Software

When it comes to delivering quality software, our team is dedicated to using the latest technologies and techniques to provide products that can help your business.

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    Let us know what you need, and one of our trained professionals will suggest the ideal solution for your business.

    If you are a business who has specific needs for a specific set of users which cannot be fulfilled by commercial off-the-shelf software, or integration with an existing set of software is required, then you would need custom software development.

    To answer these questions, you need a few things: A fair grasp of the project details itself, a know-how of software development and design industry landscape, an understanding of various technologies involved, their cost and most importantly, ability to manage expectations. We have the required resources at our disposal to streamline the software development lifecycle to provide clarity on the above-mentioned aspects.

    We have been a Custom Software Development company since early 2007 and have worked with hundreds of clients. The software solutions we provide are innovative, scalable, secure, and cost-effective. Our team of dedicated and creative designers and developers have consistently proved that results matter rather than just making claims.  


    Let us know what you need, and one of our trained professionals will suggest the ideal solution for your business.